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Isaiah 53:4 Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

Away from cliché, Jesus our Lord bore the sins of many. He had to incur the consequences of our own sins, as stated by the law. Jesus could bear the sins of many because He was a representation of the fairness and fulfilment of the law; in order words the perfect, spotless lamb, for the sin sacrifice.

Many people admit Jesus died like any other – Buddha and the likes, just to mock and classify Christianity as a religion – another synonym for  immortalising  an influential man through legalism, devoid of actual transformation from inside-out, hence, making it ineffectual. He didn’t merely die.

He died so His will (the word) would become unsealed by the shedding of blood, and the testament would then have no effect at all. The world around us could not and still can not perceive the whys and hows of his death and  resurrection. He left for a purpose. How would his ‘Will’ take effect while he was still alive (in the perceptions of the sons of men)?

All we may have ever come to experience as a provision of his willing sacrificial act is only a drop in the ocean of what is contained in the whole master plan. We should experience more of what He paid for: healing, prosperity of his servants who are now called friends, perfect protection, abounding ability through the untapped treasures of wisdom, and more. How much work we then have to do with the word of God, which is the statement of his promise to us!

Believing God’s word is not about the human mind. The human mind cannot fathom the word of God because of the ideals to which it has been conformed. It is needful that it be convinced that a phenomena is real, only by seeing it first. This principle is converse to that of faith and the supernatural.

The word of God when unveiled by the Spirit of God  thrives through integrity that is, we have to trust first. Only then will we see what God has given to us. There are consequences of yielding to the need-fulness of being convinced in our human minds before we can experience the promise of Christ’s inheritance in us: we would neither see nor have what he has given!

We can not operate in two dimensions of conviction simultaneously, therefore, either of faith and doubt is mutually exclusive. If we are not in the experience of Christ’s inheritance, we cannot be doubtful of his desire to bless us or his willingness to do so. This is the state of someone who is not alive unto God i.e saved by God’s grace. And if we are not careful as Christians, renewing our minds, we would walk as mere men.

In John 5:24, Jesus says we would not have such mere experiences when we hear his word, and believe on the one who sent Him. The experience of condemnation is everything that is resultant of Adam’s fall.

Moreover, the primary source of faith is the word of God. Every believer must  take a great dose of it in reading and meditating on it. When the word of God fills the senses, the state of the heart begins to lead to ultimate change, towards faith that God requires. Then, our experiences would change, as a consequence of what we have conditioned our belief systems to accept as true and unquestionable.

Today, because God is willing to bless us, as he has, let us find God’s promise for health, desired ability, wisdom and all we need, in God’s word. Read it, speak it, hear it, ignore the contrary and we’ll begin to look out for things we never did. Soon enough, our experiences would change doubtlessly and we’ll find more room in our hearts to believe God, even if your cognitive faculty can’t find any logical explanation!

God has reported, will you believe?


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Isaacola AA

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