Life n Choices 10 – Isaacola AA

It’s been a while we had our usual Thursday’s series; Life ‘n’ Choices. But we are back and better by God’s grace. We will be glad to have your comment, advice and contribution.

To kick off again, we will be looking at the story of a young girl and the choices she made. The names used are not real because the person prefers anonymity.

Episode 9 here

Joy turned sixteen some years ago and after gaining admission into the university at such a tender age, she promised herself to explore all the freedom available to a young and vibrant undergraduate.

She was raised in a God-fearing home. The first decade and an half of her life was spent under strict rules and regulations. Her overbearing parents never explained the reasons for the numerous rules and code of conduct. She just learned not to question their judgment.

Every decision taken in her life was either made by her parents or enforced by her tutors in church. However, in the university, it was a different ball game because quick decisions will have to be made concerning what electives to do, what to major in and what kind of people to make your best friends. With her docile and deferring demeanour, she gravitated towards her hard partying room mate. Before long, she had aborted six pregnancies within eighteen months. During her penultimate year in the university, she lost her womb to unprofessionally conducted abortion.

She surrendered her life to Christ in her final year; believed God has forgiven and will heal her since she’s now a new creature. She met her husband during her National Youth Service scheme in Abuja and after sixteen months of courting, they were married. However, she is being traumatised by the Gynaecologist’s words:
“It will take a miracle for you to ever conceive, Joy”.  He had said so when she discreetly went to see him in his office.

To Joy’s undiscerning parent, their daughter got married unsoiled. How will she face the man she profess to love or her parents to open her can of worms? Her marriage is four years already and she’s still unable to tell her husband the reason for their childlessness. She feels she will hurt him more since he was a virgin when they got married.
What godly step can she take in the face of self-condemnation and guilt confronting her?

 To let the cat out of the bag or to keep mute about her past trusting God for a miracle?

Isaacola AA

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19 thoughts on “Life n Choices 10 – Isaacola AA

  1. Touching one…. But she has to let her folks know cos. She cannot keep dat kind of information to herself! When u postpone such secrets ….. There repercussions only aggravate


  2. Well….like d saying goes, REGRET is always the Case. She should pls tell the husband, if truly she’s born again and have turn a new leaf. Let the man make decision on whether he wants to continue being married to her or not. It’s better than keeping a secret that will eventually come to the open, one way or another…


      1. The consensus seems she should tell the man. Do we considers what emotional trauma she is passing through on daily basis too and the acid of regret eating out her inner trails? Or the shame of her waywardness of the past? Or also the so many conflicting thoughts flying through her mind whenever they visit doctor together?

        I thank all for comments and hope to be able to see how she settle the issue with her husband.


  3. She should disclose to her husband about the matter. Even if God has forgiven her,there’s a need for her to confess to her husband as well because she has sinned against her husband. The scripture says,’confess your faults one to another,and pray one for another,that ye may be healed….James 5:16′


  4. Ok! She met her husband a virgin? Right. But I’m sure he knew she wasn’t a virgin right? Therefore, I think she should open up to her husband and confess. How was she able to keep such secret from the man she loves ( guess) for this long. She has to come clean and be free. Pray first and speak. But be ready to bear whatever consequences that follows with time. Saying this truth might bring about that miracle.


    1. Let’s assume the husband is so naïve in sexuality that he didn’t know she wasn’t! Deep!

      The depth of the heart is beyond the earth and deep sea put together. I hope she will do the right thing not the needful.


  5. Well, first, I don’t think she has totally turned herself to God. She turned to God in search of a miracle to be fixed. Miracles happen when there is an undiluted change in the person’s total personality, thoughts and in overall lifestyle of the person…. If truly she knows the God she serves, lying is not an option; especially to the people that love her. Come clean, tell them everything without holding anything back…. Who knows, your miracle may happen just afterwards. Two are better than 1; remember that.


    1. Um my sister, I trust God she has really turn but the truth is that she didn’t open up the can of worms to the closest people to her. She just commit the sin of sinful silence as she allow their perspective about her.

      In life really some things just don’t look as simple as it is. I hope to God she will truly figure out a way out of the dilemma without compromising her faith.

      Thanks my oga.


  6. What a dilemma! She should have been honest from the beginning since she is now a new creature in christ. She would’ve explained her past to save her the agony&pain she will eventually cause for her hubby. Not to mention,the embarrassment to her family now. Thank God for the salvation of her soul though. Good one


  7. We’ve all gone on and on about how she should have been clean from the start but truth is she didn’t and so what matters is where she goes from here…Relationships are built on trust and understanding, it takes trust to commit a ‘seen’ life to an ‘unseen’ God…So i think she should go to those who love her, bare her heart out to them in hopes that they’ll be understanding enough to help her pull through.


  8. Eewoorh……… what miracle if i may ask? as I see God already made miracle that she just chose to toy with….. can’t take my mind off six pregnancies on eighteen months…..

    Please dearie confess to all and God will hear your prayers.

    Good script.


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