Bus Tales 31- Isaacola AA


Episode 30 here

I have heard cases of display of insanity orchestrated by frustration of different shades and hues, but this scenario was amazing. Take your seat; sip some juice with a cone of popcorn as you enjoy this fascinating and hilarious one shared by a friend.


Frank has an urgent appointment to keep inside Apapa; a suburb of Lagos. He lives in another suburb and needs to board at least three buses before getting to his destination. He is well dressed in a starched white shirt and a black trouser that has seen better days. He wore a checkered tie; the same one he wore during a friend’s wedding, being part of the groom’s men ensemble then. He is the epitome of a complete gentleman albeit gentle poor man searching frustratingly for a non-available job in the already saturated job market.

The first two buses he rode in were peaceful as traffic was light and the buses wasted no time in getting filled. He was happy as he took a glance at his swatch wristwatch to confirm that he still has enough time before his appointment with the man in Apapa.

However in the third bus, he was confronted with a dirty dreadlocked haired smelly conductor whose front teeth are non-existent and the ones on the edge of his mouth are charcoal black. His sinewy hands with a pronounced ganglion in the left wrist was tweaking every other minute. He has this annoying habit of constantly scratching his groin nonchalantly. Frank was put off by the conductor but other better choices were not in sight. He boarded the bus amidst other passengers and paid his fare after much haggling about the price.

He took another look at his swatch watch and discovered he had just fifteen minutes left, if he intends to get to his destination on time. The conductor promised ‘abinitio’ that they will pass through the normal route but as the traffic become unbearable, he encouraged the driver to change his mind and go through ‘Ajegunle’ to ease traffic. Frank wasn’t finding it funny as he argued fiercely with conductor but the conductor was adamant on taking the new route.

Frustrated was an understatement, as Frank was left with no other option than to trek a distance of about 15km; which is about three bus stops away. This invariably implies that time was no longer on his side. On impulse, he slapped the conductor as he was disembarking angrily from the bus and this provoked the already agitated conductor.

Frank propelled by fear took to his heel while the angry conductor ran after him. In no time, they were both contesting to emerge as ‘the fastest man in the world’. Frank lost his composure; his tie flew to the east, head tilted to the west, and with unnatural speed due to fear he run like a mad ….

Isaacola AA

Watch out for Dabira 2 tomorrow tuesday and Life n Choices on thursday 6th Feb

12 thoughts on “Bus Tales 31- Isaacola AA

  1. This is worse than hilarious.

    Also laughing in a bus after giving a conductor my favourite evil eye in place of a wasted speech.


    1. Please tell him Walter, no matter how angry you are, you don’t allow any provocation from conductor get you over the bar , they will just mess you up badly.


  2. Consider revising:
    ‘He took another look at his swatch watch and discovers he has just fifteen minutes left, if he intends to get to his destination…’
    The writeup is obviously written in the past tense, but there are constant occurences of the present continuous tense. That can be confusing to a reader.


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