Dabira 2 – @Bunmi_Bimbola

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Lekan paced around in his well furnished sitting room, he was lost in thought. After a while, he sat and laid his back on the couch, fiddling with his DSTV remote.

“Have I taken the right decision?” he said aloud to himself as he got up to uncork a bottle of red wine. His brain was still in a mess and his thoughts jamming like a radio without clear signal reception.

A full glass of wine downed in four noisy gulps, he refilled the glass halfway and sat on the tiled floor. Still deep in thought, he said aloud again “Men of God can’t lie nah. Moreover there are lingering issues sef”.

Lekan’s immediate younger sister has never really gotten along with Dabira and all efforts to bring them together have been fruitless. He had talked to his sister to accept Dabira and see her as one of their family several times but Damilola, his sister would not budge.

He had also talked Dabira into overlooking his sister’s behaviour and take pleasure in the fact that she was accepted by all other members of his family but he knew she only nodded in agreement to get him off her case.

Lekan had given his all to the relationship because Dabira was a great influence to his career and studies right from their undergraduate days at Olabisi Onabanjo University.

Another major issue that was gnawing at their relationship was their doctrinal differences. Though they are both Christians, Dabira belongs to one of the denominations where they are encouraged to marry themselves (within the church circle) and if they have to inter-marry, the spouse should be convinced to move to their Church.

Although, the Church had not placed a strong banish on any single, especially ladies who married from another denomination but it was an open secret that those who married from within benefited from some of the Church’s goodies.

Dabira holds the church doctrine close to her heart and had tried convincing Lekan to cross over to her Church after their marriage. Lekan on the other hand has always made it clear that Dabira is free to keep attending her church. That was a farce though, deep in his heart he knew he was going to coerce her into attending his Church after marriage. Dabira’s attitudes and utterances has however shown that she will be a hard nut to crack in that area.

Though liberal with most things, Lekan believes it is the woman who must change Churches. “Where’s it done that the man follows the woman to her Church? These people no sabi wetin dey worry dem”, he thought while ruminating one of the days.

Fate would always play a fast one whenever there are pending issues and the same thing has happened again. Just as he was looking for a way out of the quagmire and issues bedeviling his relationship with Dabira, Lekan met a new lady while spending time with friends a few weeks ago.

She was an epitome of what Dabira was not at the moment – total respect, willingness to allow him be the man, loyalty and care. She seemed  to be ready to do things the normal way and believes it is the woman that moves to the man’s Church after marriage.

Although he was yet to introduce Mopelola Kolawole who just came into the picture to his family, he had feelings that Mope would give him less challenges.

At the height of confusion, he had given Dabira and Mope’s names to different Pastors to pray over them before he would take the final decision on who to be with. Lekan believes a Pastor’s prayer has more weight than his own prayer and personal conviction. He just wanted ‘divine guidance’ in making the choice and “a Pastor would do it better”.

He had consulted three Pastors to help him in prayers and give him the result of their ‘enquiries’ over.

“Crazy. Funny. Unfortunate. Impossible”. Lekan was not sure how to describe what they all came back with. The three clergymen without knowing one another returned with the same verdict which showed Mope better than Dabira.

“How’s that possible? When Mope enter picture sef. For God’s sake, I’ve been with Dabira for over five years”, he thought on the day the third ‘enquirer’ told him the verdict on phone.

He had been told to let go of Dabira and focus on Mope because their future “will be bright and there will be less problems in the marriage”.

One of the Pastors told him that marrying Dabira may cause untimely death for either or both of them.

That was what scared and spurred him to action. Without thinking much about the dust their break up could raise, Lekan had picked his phone and sent Dabira a text message to intimate her of his desire for “a break”.



36 Replies to “Dabira 2 – @Bunmi_Bimbola”

  1. Lmao!!! I will say Dabira is better off with a man who considers those things as bothersome issues enough to bedevil a relationship. Cheap excuses!!!!!
    It is longer (I hope it gets longer; oliver twist like me) and well written…. Keep on writing 🙂


  2. This is serious biz. Though,it was rather obvious from the second thoughts he was having about the relationship,that it will go this way. Guess,it was never meant to be. Good one.


  3. Hmmm…
    What can I say? From what the writer is replying to other commenters, it seems there’s more to this story. So I’ll wait and see how it all unravels.
    Good going


  4. Nice one, very real! It is amazing how peeps keep putting their destinies into pastors’ hands, oblivious to the fact that the God Who speaks to the pastors can also speak to them. SAD!!!


  5. But wait oooo brother Bimbo, are you sure something is not greener with bush on the new catch’s end. Most guys will leave prophesy so far they are getting the right eeerrmmm… We shall see next week insha Allah. Cycles away slowly with my chewing stick…


  6. Waoh!what a romance going bad!years of courtship doesn’t matter though if there is incompatibility. I can’t marry a woman that will be dictating for me/ordering me around but I will definitely listen to good advice. Apparently,even from mope’s attitude,you will know she will make a good wife. My last relationship was like that with Dabira. My last gf never listen,always reacting with anger,rude,even though I always treat her with respect,politeness even when she’s rude. She always makes me unhappy. Am forced to leave the relationship.ladies take note,good character matters despite having goodlook,education.As for lekan,a text msg is a good way to end a bad relationship.good riddance to rubbish.Mr.bimbo,well done.


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