Laziness – Isaacola AA

CRY OF LAZY MAN 21/1/2014

Swinging to and fro, “dreamily” salivating
Curled up in foetal and feral position
Lazily sucking in the kiss of sleep
Sulking at the noisy snorer beside
Livid with the vivid display
Of dismayed city noise

My angst is toward the petulant child
Always the early riser with cry for milk
Bamboozling my ear drum from its dizziness
Ogling me out of my sleepy lethargy
Oh! my sweetly sweaty sleep is
Disturbed by a child

Oh! the power supply is always short
Infringing on my early morning tranquillity
Headache coupled with bellyache A me They visit,
“cause my eight hours sl’p is disturbed
I need extra cajoling to shed my “sleepiness”
And pick up my working mind to work

Oh! I am lazy crazy
With dozy “frozy” limbs
Indolent sluggard I’m
Loving sleeping
More than A working

I am, too done to be done
Too in love with sleep to work
Help me before sleep A me

Isaacola AA


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