Faith Series – Isaacola AA

Unforgiveness episode here

Two weeks ago we looked at Unforgiveness and how it hinders ones prayers. Today our focus is on “doubt”.

Doubt eats away the foundation of our faith which results in  unanswered prayer; it  hinders our prayer from being effective and effectual.

Jesus said “if you say unto this mountain to depart and you do not doubt, you will have your answer”. This statement points to some of the reasons our prayers are not answered.

Prayer offered in faith without doubt is effective and is a potent force that can move the universe but the devil will always point your attention to why you should doubt because of the overwhelming circumstance and evidence pointing to the contrary, eroding your faith.

I remember then in the university when a student preacher cum pastor was preaching faith, “I can’t fail any exam because I can’t imagine Jesus ever sitting for an exam and failing” he said. My faith was aroused and I wanted to latch in unto the word immediately but the devil whispered into my ears “he is in Geography and Planning Science whilst you are in the “almighty”  Chemistry department”. All the faith that was building up in me went down the drain immediately by these terrible words. I should have reminded the devil that “God’s word is superior to all circumstance and therefore what applies to CHM can apply also to GPS or vice versa” but I allowed the deluge of doubt generated by that little whisper to sweep me off my feet.

Friends, if there is anything for you to doubt, it is your doubt. Don’t ever question the ability of God to answer your prayer because that is what doubt speaks. Like father Abraham, who against hope believed in hope, rise above your circumstance and allow God.

In conclusion, let me share with you how to simply drown your doubt and fear: Focus your entire attention on OUR BIG GOD AND HIS WORD  and stop focusing on your storms no matter how big , boisterous or impossible your challenges are!


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Isaacola AA


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