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“She’ll be fine, her temperature has gone down considerably”, Doctor Ade Daniel assured Chief Kayode Doherty as he attended to Dabira and release her to go home with her parents.

Dabira’s mother was disoriented and was visibly stressed by days of inadequate sleep. She was herself nearing a breakdown. The only thing that kept her in one piece was her husband’s encouraging words and support. By all standards, Chief Doherty is not a man given to low emotion. He would rather take actions to put situations under control than give in to any form of weakness as the case may be.

Dabira had been inconsolable despite the encouragement, love and support given her by her folks. She did not touch her food or talk to anyone for days. The only thing she constantly did was sigh and cry. She was losing weight very fast and her look became alarmingly pale. The only sound she made were sobs and snores.

Her place of work was magnanimous enough to allow her proceed on a seven working day sick leave. When she did not recover enough to resume, her overdue annual leave was approved. She was an important member of staff whose impact was very important. Her friend and close confidant Caroline has taken it upon herself to visit Dabira everyday after the close of work.

Caroline had done her best to talk Dabira out of her emotional state severally. She gave her many reasons to see why she she should get back to her normal self. Caroline even went as far as passing the night with her on Friday evenings. What she never understood was why her friend remained stuck in the ‘Lekan zone’, refusing to go on with her life.

After they prayed and wished each other goodnight, Caroline usually overheard Dabira say different things while she feigned sleep because she was at a loss on what next to do or say to comfort her distraught friend and colleague.

After three weeks, Caroline was getting tired and had started to reduce her daily visit to the Doherty family, preferring to speak to Dabira over the phone while visiting only on Fridays. She however had the strong urge to visit that day, a Wednesday.

Her decision to obey the voice that directed her to visit Dabira turned out to be one she came to appreciate. Hailing the guard, Caroline entered using the pedestrian gate and walked very slowly on the interlocking blocks that adorned the compound. She was willing herself to move, using the remaining strength in her body.

She went straight to her friend’s room and met her asleep. That kind of sleep however seemed odd because Dabira was still. Her chest was not heaving as if she was breathing, she looked more lifeless than alive.

“Hi babes”, Caroline called out in greeting. Knowing Dabira to be a light sleeper, she half expected her to stir but she got no response. She moved closer and nudged her friend but Dabira was still. She shook her body and it was still the same.

Caroline screamed before she could do any other thing and that set the alarm bells ringing. The Doherty family home was thrown into confusion. The guard ran into the main building and collided with the maid who was running with a bowl of water to go pour on Dabira’s lifeless body. Mrs. Doherty ran to get her anointing oil while Caroline was screaming and crying.

As the maid came in with a bigger bowl of water, Dabira’s mother also came with the oil and both poured generous portions on her. There was a shake, and a stir. The guard immediately carried Dabira and slung her on his shoulder, half walking, half running.

She was placed in the back of the vehicle, Caroline beside the driver and her mother beside her. The manner of driving was only seen in movies as Dabira was rushed to the family hospital where she was fully revived and admitted in the private ward with close attention from the Doctor and other medical personnel.

On his arrival from his trip that evening, Chief Doherty made straight for the hospital. By that time, his daughter was in a stable condition. As he sat beside his wife in the hospital room later that evening, events of the recent past came back in a flash.

Right from the day Dabira brought Lekan to his house, he had been ill at ease with the young man. He had a wrong feeling and his instinct strongly told him Lekan was going to mess his beloved daughter up. He expressed his misgivings to his wife who at the time assured him there would be no trouble as Lekan seemed to love their daughter going by her discussion with Dabira.

“Time will tell”, Chief Doherty had always said but this same “time” eventually swung the pendulum in Lekan’s favour as Doherty began to have a soft spot for him with inputs and lots of persuasion from Dabira and her mother.

“I said time will tell”, he thought to himself. Time finally told and the result is as unpleasant as he expected. They are putting him through unnecessary and avoidable troubles now.

“Mind is unsettled, business is lacking attention and I can’t even pursue the contracts I want well”, he thought to himself.

“Lekan, just don’t let me lay my hands on you”, he fumed loudly. His wife looked at him, shook her head and felt Dabira for temperature.

Doherty emotions at that point was ‘hot’, and could easily boil water.


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