Life n Choices 11 – Isaacola AA

Episode 10 here Life and choices today centered on a young man we can call ‘Raji’. He does business that makes him fly through the length and breadth of the nation, in rapid succession that he finds it difficult to enumerate the number of times he’s been on land in a month. Raji hail … Continue reading Life n Choices 11 – Isaacola AA

Surreal Traveller (short poem)- @Obabusayo

THE SURREAL TRAVELLER Sitting here looking forlorn The world isn’t going to end yet I tell myself Staring at the endless stretch of black asphalt And the crazed driver with one hand on the wheels The other working the chewing stick in his mouth Hooting frequently for no reason He mutters under his breath you … Continue reading Surreal Traveller (short poem)- @Obabusayo