Life n Choices 11 – Isaacola AA

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Life and choices today centered on a young man we can call ‘Raji’. He does business that makes him fly through the length and breadth of the nation, in rapid succession that he finds it difficult to enumerate the number of times he’s been on land in a month.

Raji hail from Ilorin in Kwara state and was surprised when he use a land line somewhere in Ado Ekiti to touch base with his ailing father ( this happened in early nineties when there were no mobile phones).

He was shocked when he was summoned to Ilorin without fail that day to see his father who insisted on seeing him (everybody around understood that the old man wanted to see his eldest son and bless him before passing to the great beyond).

Raji boarded the only available bus, since evening was approaching fast; with the descending sun hastening to hide behind the ascending darkness.

At about 7p.m., when the bus was close to ‘Omupo’ town; which has an imposing edifice mosque and a highly uncoordinated road, which wrapped itself around a hilly slope, they witnessed an accident. All the passengers wanted the bus to continue its journey, leaving the dead and dying accident victims helpless, in order to beat the impending ‘blackness’ of the night and get to their various destinations on time, without having to answer the obnoxious police queries.

Raji, who remembered the message from his dying father, also wanted to stand with consensus but for a restrain in his spirit. He objected to the populace opinion and went to the scene of the accident to lend a helping hand.

Arriving at the accident scene, he helped to convey the ‘dying accident victims’ and those already dead to the nearest hospital in ‘Ajase-Ipo’. He later discovered that his blood sister, the only female child in the family, was one of the surviving accident victims.


Moral of the story: Don’t turn the other way when you have the ability to lend a helping hand. You may be saving a family and preserving a generation.

Isaacola AA

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