Surreal Traveller (short poem)- @Obabusayo


Sitting here looking forlorn

The world isn’t going to end yet I tell myself

Staring at the endless stretch of black asphalt

And the crazed driver with one hand on the wheels

The other working the chewing stick in his mouth

Hooting frequently for no reason

He mutters under his breath you won’t rest ( e ni sun )
in a dialect I couldn’t place

Lines on his cheek well marked out a perfect sculptor’s job, Michelangelo would never have compared

He yells curses on the other road users his favorite “were” ‘es loco in a

Guttural voice

I hoped he wouldn’t dump me in a ditch

But the hope didn’t last that long

A mad maneuver by tribal marked character

Loud crash

I glide into oblivion

On a surreal journey

I’m just a traveler in transit.

Obabusayo Olomolaiye


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