Stand out – Isaacola AA


Dare to be different
Deliberately questioning
The status quo
Not taking no for an answer
Ready to go the mile extra
Outside the box thinking
Avoiding the mediocre
Thinking ways
Trudging on in life’s
Bitter battered ways
Oh you my brother
From another mum
I envy, with your
Resolute gait I salute

You refused to sell
Your future on the
Altar of fear of the
Known for imprisoning
Young able bodied
Sacrificing the tangible
For the glorious
Refusing to settle
For less than the best
You grab opportunity
With the impunity
Of a ready greedy gambler

Your lion “heartedness”
I crave, damning the
Consequence of inconsequential
Refusing other petty men’s
Climbing to gaze into a
Glorious future
Void of “liluputan”
I hail breaker of heartless
Confuser of confusionist
A trail blazer you are
With your singular
Act of bravery

Rare gemini heart of gold
With strong stainless steel
Of a backbone
Breaking useless laws
To set up new laws
Creating a dynamic others
To follow
Kudos “ore mi atata”

Ore mi atata means my bosom friend in Yoruba

This is dedicated to a friend that is like a brother/sister, I appreciate you BOSS.
Isaacola AA

12 thoughts on “Stand out – Isaacola AA

  1. Your expressions were captivating and understandable.
    Apart from the fact that many of the lines spilt their ideas to the next in an uncool way, you nailed it.
    good theme, great job!


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