Life n Choices 12 – @emini_ANOTI

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I understand that everything we do in life is affected by the choices we make. In everything we do, there is always a decision to be taken. To eat or not to eat, to sleep or not to sleep, to go or not to go; no matter how small these decisions are, they are what make up our everyday activities.

Our choices show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. They determine the results we get from life; either we are going to be successful, fulfilled, happy or going to be total failure, sad, angry and more.

Heroes are who they are because of the choices they made and not the power they are bestowed with. Wise people are not distinguished because they are born wise but because of the choices they made that shapened their actions.

Choice is a powerful thing, it forms a crucial part of our existence. They are results of the things we hold very dear; those things that we prioritise based on our desires.

We all have made mistakes one time or another because we let our desires dictate the wrong choices to us. The wrong desires can cost us a whole lot especially when we are not sensitive to warning signals and we allowed our foolishness to be at play for too long.

For one, I’ve learned that mistakes are good as they teach us from our own experience to be wiser but repetition of that mistake or warding off signs are going to cost so much that some may never recover from the trauma caused.
Desires are very strong; so strong that they make a man sacrifice his free-will on a platter of nothing. What are those things you hold so dear that are making you choose unwisely? Your desire to use the latest and most expensive gadgets, the burning passion to have your own house, that gnawing longing in your heart to have your own fleet of cars can make you take a rash decision.

When there is an over burning desire for a particular thing, it mostly turns negative. You forget common sense and just act because you really want to fulfil a desire that is mainly selfish. Maybe when we understand that these material things would fade with time, our stupid choices will be limited. When we understand that there is always a silver lining after the dark clouds or God has better plans for us, then we will sit back and think deeply before jumping into something detrimental to our future. God has a humorous habit of taking things we don’t need away from us, a way of telling us not to go a step further. He is always good at giving us what we need rather than what we think we need. But most times we are so blinded by the burning love for our wants to see God’s perfect plans for us. Let your desires be in line with what God knows you need and not your own selfish list of what you want. What wiser choice to make than to make God’s desire your own desire. He’s the one that can fulfil all things, after all.

Dako Alice Temitope

We believe in a positive obsession to improve and be better and healthy desire for the good things of life , but also in not allowing your pursuit to cloud your vision and to blind you of humanity and bereft you of relationship which is what will count at the long last (fulcrum of humanity).

Someone said “it is not the breath that you take that matter but the moments that takes your breath away that are most valued”.

Isaacola AA

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