Bus Tales 32 – Isaacola AA

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I am sure driving to and from work in Lagos, especially if you live on the outskirts and work in Apapa, can be cumbersome. It can in fact make one grey in no time, giving the picture of an ageing person.

It is because of this that I made up my mind to take public bus most times so as to avoid early discolouration of my already receding hairline (@oscarpoems can testify to that :D).

On my way from work on one of the days during the valentine week, I boarded a bus in Oshodi enroute Agege. Perching in a corner where I was sure there would be less distraction, I brought out my smart phone to complete my day’s reading and attend to all my twitter mentions.

I was so engrossed in my reading cum tweeting that I was oblivious to the din around me. I moved from article to article, enjoying the many write-ups about valentine, both the hilarious and the ridiculous.

The level of the noise around me went a notch higher, distracting me from my reading. Looking up from my phone screen, I saw the lady in front of me shake her head in a manner that conveyed pity. A few other people were exclaiming and still shaking their heads.

“You see your life now? God don catch you”, a young man seated directly behind the driver said. I stopped reading, strained my neck to see who the guy was referring to. Before I could see the front, the driver added “he just start madding ni, people sabi am well for this axis”.

“There is no amount of begging you will beg him that he will agree. See now, he is mad”, a gaily dressed pretty lady said in the best way she could express herself. Talk of beauty without the best English expression.

All the disjointed sentences made sense when I finally saw a lanky young man of about six feet march past with his boxers short as the only piece of clothing on him. He was in a world of his own, muttering and gesticulating in a way customary to law enforcement agent.

I later understood that the guy just ran amock, he was a former LASMA official. His boxers short still looked relatively new and neat.

Finally joining the ‘head shaking’ bandwagon, I thought of what his lot would be in the next few weeks.

The driver passed him, discussions changed, and life went on…another day in a Lagos bus.

Isaacola AA

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