Dabira 5 – @Bunmi_Bimbola

Episode 4 here

Dabira was recovering steadily with the help of her family and Caroline her closest confidant.

She was trying to put Lekan in her past, and looking forward to the future but he still strayed into her thoughts regularly. She always reminisced about the memorable times they had – the arguments, the joy, the outings. In times like these, she missed him very much. Those memories got her all teary mostly.

She felt the betrayed but would gladly accept Lekan against the wishes of her family if he were to ever come back. She gave her all but it was not enough to save the relationship from collapse.

Much as she tried to forget him, it was almost impossible. She always say one thing or the other that drew back her progress in getting over him.

Dabira had the habit of browsing through the old messages on her mobile. As she lay on her bed listening to Styl Plus’ Imagine That, one of the many heartbreak songs she had become used to, she stumbled on a message she typed but did not send to Lekan before the break-up. She wanted to delete it without reading but found herself doing exactly what she wanted to avoid.

“When you declared your love, you broke down my defences. Happiness and hope overwhelmed my senses. Ever since then our love has continued to grow. With you by my side, I feel the confidence to challenge an army of a thousand. You will always laugh at my mistakes but you will correct me. You will always kiss my tears away and hold my hand to allay any fears. Nights when we lie side by side, sharing dreams and hopes, our souls are aligned. With you in my life I feel blessed. I more than love you”.

By the time she was done reading, tears were rolling down her cheeks again. The memories were coming very fast again-how Tade whom she had originally admired encouraged her to accept Lekan’s love proposal and made it happen with ease.

“Love just happens in very funny ways”, she said slowly as she got up to go wash her teary face.

By all standard Lekan was not the kind of man she had dreamt of. He did not have her preferred physical features neither was he from an opulent background but his intelligence and positive outlook to life had made her loosen up. She shared his dreams and believed in him although they had areas of disagreement. He was just an uptight person about the simple things of life in her opinion.

She remembered how vehemently her father initially opposed her association with Lekan. He expressed his fears back then. Looking back now, it seemed her father was a kind of soothsayers.

She wished she could turn back the hands of time or that she had a premonition of what would happen to their once envious love life. Many times, some of her friends had taunted her that she is a lucky girl who had everything going on well and had a “lovey dovey” relationship to cap it all.

Dabira was so lost in her reverie that she did not hear the double knock on her door. It was when she saw the door open that and she saw Caroline enter that she became aware of the present.

“Dee baby”,her friend called out, smiling. “Don’t tell me you are still sulking about that yeye boy o. Anyway, when are you resuming back to work? Everyone seems to have missed you in the office”. She moved closer and gave Dabira a light hug.

“Babe pull yourself together and get your groove back o”, she added, as the chatterbox in her went on and on.

Dipping her hands in her bag, Caroline brought out four bars of Dabira’s favourite chocolate and opened one with her teeth. She took a bite and passed the rest to her friend before she resumed her talk.

“I know you don’t like Pentecostal Churches but I think it will not be a bad idea if I invite you to the Quarterly Singles’ Forum in my Church. And don’t say no please”. 

By now Dabira was smiling, had forgotten the memory lane she was in when Caroline came in.

“Dabira, when you go out and socialise, there is likelihood you will get out over all these sulking and depression. We’ll go together o . Leave that one as e be, I get office aproko for you sef”, she said again. Dabira’s face lightened up and she spoke for the first time “nack me tory Caro”.


From March we will be making some changes here and in due time, we hope to improve the content of the blog.

“Face me I slap U” will be off for now.
“Bus Tales” too has come to an end for now.
“Dabira” will continue for now on Tuesdays.
“Live n Choices” too will continue on Thursdays.
“Faith Series” continues on Saturdays.

Isaacola AA

14 thoughts on “Dabira 5 – @Bunmi_Bimbola

  1. The process of getting through hurt can’t be rushed
    Else some would remain and clog your heart
    Then they will influence your decisions and you won’t be fully
    Involved in your next

    Dabira will be fine.
    With time


  2. Really cool, no more sulking.

    To the writer thumbs up, can u pls make this a bit longer? Really? It’s a request.


  3. Really cool, no more sulking.

    To the writer thumbs up, can u pls make this a bit longer? Really? It’s a request #pleading#


  4. Dabira, I sympathies with you, it’s painful LOVE.

    I guess your head is off your heart desires if you can trace it and get it back.. You will be celebrated like a conquer warrior.


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