Life n Choices 13 – Isaacola AA

Episode 12 here

Special thanks to Taiwo Marayesa, for all the help on this series and Dako Alice Temitope for all her contributions too. Your efforts are appreciated and I’m grateful for the support given.
I can’t forget my ‘brother from another mother’; Seye Babalola, for going out of his way most of the time, even when it is certainly not convenient, your support is highly appreciated.
Today, we will focus on a family, the choices made early in life and the consequences of decisions taken. For the sake of this piece, let’s call them; ‘The Daniels’.
The family is in the middle class, who saved a portion of their meagre resources and invest same in the Stock and Real Estate markets. Fortunately, they were able to quadruple their money within a short time and re-invested, until they became financially independent in their early forties.
 ”All things being equal”, they made adequate provision for their two children’s education, from their primary to tertiary education with prudent and shrewd financial planning.
In order to guide against unwanted pregnancy, Mrs. Daniel’s womb was surgically removed after the second child. Although, the Doctor advised them to wait and critically examine their decision to make such an irreversible family planning method, they were adamant and insisted that the decision was appropriate.
The family indeed lived happily ever after. Their first-born, a boy, graduated from the University at twenty-two while their girl graduated at twenty with a first class degree.
Tragedy struck, when the boy was involved in an accident on his way to the orientation camp,   and the girl was not fortunate to finish her youth service too. She died in the orientation camp after contacting meningitis, which took her life after two days of excruciating pains.
The Daniels’ are in their fifties now but with no child. They live in opulence albeit in regret of not having an heir to their numerous estates.
‘’All things didn’t remain equal”.  Therefore, we should be careful when making life changing decisions and allow all facts to be thoroughly considered.
Like someone once said “you don’t take a permanent cure for a temporary ailment”.
Think twice, my brothers and sisters, especially when making ‘seemingly permanent’ and life changing decisions.
Isaacola AA

5 thoughts on “Life n Choices 13 – Isaacola AA

  1. Great! But even without the family planing option,will she have been able to conceive again,considering menopause?


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