Surreal Traveller (short poem)- @Obabusayo

THE SURREAL TRAVELLER Sitting here looking forlorn The world isn’t going to end yet I tell myself Staring at the endless stretch of black asphalt And the crazed driver with one hand on the wheels The other working the chewing stick in his mouth Hooting frequently for no reason He mutters under his breath you … Continue reading Surreal Traveller (short poem)- @Obabusayo

Dabira 3 – @Bunmi_Bimbola

Episode 2 here "She'll be fine, her temperature has gone down considerably", Doctor Ade Daniel assured Chief Kayode Doherty as he attended to Dabira and release her to go home with her parents. Dabira's mother was disoriented and was visibly stressed by days of inadequate sleep. She was herself nearing a breakdown. The only … Continue reading Dabira 3 – @Bunmi_Bimbola