Mysterious Duad (poem) – Isaacola AA

I am so sorry Dabira could not be published today. It is due to some circumstances beyond our control. Thanks for bearing with us. Isaacola AA ******** Sweet smile pasted like a mask On your lovely lovey dovey face The oldy lines sweetly concealed Under the unmistaken mascara Hiding every form of humanity Poking under … Continue reading Mysterious Duad (poem) – Isaacola AA

Faith Series – Isaacola AA

As we approach a new month in the coming week, I will like to welcome my dear sister Dako Alice Temitope (@emini_ANOTI) as she will be taking us through the month of April and possibly beyond . (I will be going on a short blogging break). I believe the good Lord will use her to … Continue reading Faith Series – Isaacola AA