Faith Series – Isaacola AA

Hello friends, we have been talking about things that hinder answered prayer for few weeks now, today we will  look at another aspect.

This promises to be short because I am of the opinion that “everlasting message doesn’t necessarily bring everlasting life”.

Sometime ago, I was wondered why most of believers’ prayers are not answered and something jumped at me from the scripture ” when you pray, believe and it shall be done…”.

One major hindrance to our prayer is unbelief in our heart. We all agree that God has the power to answer all our prayers but the truth just remains in our cerebral consciousness. We don’t allow it to sink into the recess of our heart making it a core of our believe system.

We just pray to fulfil all righteousness and not because we believe in our prayer. I will share two examples of how much faith reflects during our prayers.

1.  Someone had a terrible headache, he prayed and whilst still praying, he was calculating where and how he is going to get analgesics . Needless to say, his prayer looks more like fulfilling all righteousness.

2.  A community needed rain and they all agreed to pray for rain and on the last day of prayer, a small girl came with her small umbrella. She looked odd but permit me to say, she is actually the only one who believed her prayer will be answered.

Brothers and sisters, the devil is not the one stopping your prayer from being answered all the time. It is when you violate the principle of faith in God’s ability to answer your prayers through unbelief that you  position yourself to experience UNANSWERED prayer.


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Isaacola AA


6 Replies to “Faith Series – Isaacola AA”

  1. This is s true sir! My prayer is that God should grant me the grace to grow more in faith. The reason why I pray this prayer is because I believe that no one receives except he be given from above.


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