Dabira 6 – @Bunmi_Bimbola


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The atmosphere was like a scene out of a romantic movie. The giddiness of the scene was obvious. The mood was of happiness and bliss as Lekan and Mope laid on the bed in a tangle of sorts. She placed her head on the right part of his chest while her left hand went for his temple.

“Thank God I found you”, Lekan said, smiling like one who just won a billion dollar lottery. “You are my dream come true darling”, Mope replied, also smiling like one who was infected by his smile.

The two lovebirds seemed beyond happy and totally in their own world, a world for two. Their love was blossoming very fast, so fast he was scared it could end that fast. Within their first few weeks, Dabira was becoming history little by little.

Mope was exhibiting every good behaviour Lekan wanted in Dabira. She was a lot more composed and respectful, always created time to hangout with Lekan-they both visited parks and did a lot together. It was like a new lease of life for him romantically.

Lekan never missed stolen kisses each time they were together, and Mope always played the lovey dovey girlfriend. He initially was scared of all the love and loving, thinking Mope was acting all too in love but as time went on, he got used to her. Life seemed new with Mope and he wished that time would stop when they were together. He once joked that he would be the new Joshua and stop the sun from setting, a reference to the Biblical war between Israel and the Amalekites in which the Israelite leader, Joshua stopped the sun from setting to ensure Israel’s victory.

As the duo lay in silence, each processing different thoughts, Lekan’s mobile phone rang. He had no reason bothering who it was because the music was assigned to his mother. “Maami”, he said as he reached for the device and pressed the silent mode. He then put it away.

“Speak to her now”, Mope said, turning to lie on her side and with her face to him.

“I’ll call her back jor. I’m enjoying this moment with you, therefore any other thing should wait”

“Well if you say so. I can’t ever have enough of you too. I feel like the whole world should take a pause for us like you always say. You are the best I ever had and I am ready to give you my all, Priceless”, she concluded with the pet name she gave him.

She had barely finished speaking when the telephone rang again. He wanted to ignore the call again because he did not want to converse with her in Mope’s presence but it was an effort in futility as she pressed the call key and handed it over to him.

Knowing his mother, he knew she would keep calling till he answers and would start with a rant before ending with a lecture on how not to handle a mobile phone. Madam No Nonsense was what his siblings called her because she does not tolerate any indiscretion. None of her children must take any step without good explanation and consultation.

“Maami. Iya Kofoshi. Madam No Nonsense”, Lekan said, trying to sound funny to cover for his refusal to answer her call.

“Olamilekan”, his mother replied from her end. Whenever she calls his name in full Lekan knows there is a query to answer. He answered and went silent, thinking of how to wriggle out of whatever issue she wanted to bring up.

“I asked you to see me but you haven’t done so for about two weeks now. I know you are avoiding me but remember sha o, you don’t have two mothers. Anyone who is deceiving you that you are a man will desert you when you need them most. By then, you will have no choice but to run back to me. Don’t let me turn the other side of mine eyes to you”, she ranted.

The woman spoke a bit further, giving Lekan a full dose of the caustic end of her tongue. Lekan however surprisingly was unfazed.

He was beginning to demystify his mother. He knew she threatened and ranted to get the attention of her children or anyone she has issues with.

“Maami, calm down nah. The past few days have been very busy ni. E ma binu now. I will come and see you at the end of the week by His grace”, Lekan replied.

“Make sure you come with Dabira when you are coming o. She has not been calling or answering her calls sef. I’ll feign ignorance but your sister has told me you’re seeing one girl now. You and all thos tooth pick legged girls have started abi? You will come, and you have to explain yourself when you do. Oniranu. O dabo”, the woman ended the call in a fit of rage.

Lekan just looked at his phone screen and smiled.

“Is all well?”, Mope asked as she mopped his brow.



19 Replies to “Dabira 6 – @Bunmi_Bimbola”

  1. Well, it’s very easy to convince a man in anxiety with pleasure, because his eyes will see no more than the fantasy the brain creates. Thank God we still have mothers to instill sanity in us and restore order, but no matter what, I secretly pray Dabira won’t go back to him.

    This piece is bliss and way too short #stamping my feet to the ground, as Lekan’s mother would#

    A wonderful day ahead Y’all.


  2. I wonder what Lekan will say to his mother. I know his mother wouldn’t hesitate in dropping two knocks on his head. The woman wants grandchildren from her son ad he is there listening to my pastor said. Great story. I love the flow. Keep it up.


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