Dream (poem) – Isaacola AA

The gnawing churning Clawing gingerly in my innards  The foreboding anticipation Of "evilish" happenstance As I awoke from the day dream Gasping for breathe Choking on the oxide of carbon Anxiously trying to expel The brutish force  Intent on choking me Cutting off the little  Oxygen From my circulation Ah oh am gone With the … Continue reading Dream (poem) – Isaacola AA


Life n Choice 14 – Isaacola AA

Episode 13 here http://wp.me/p333v9-if Life is a choice and choices determine life (decision determines destiny). Making a decision is a choice and not even making a decision is a choice in itself. Think twice friends before making and or "un-making" one. ‘Making a choice’ or choosing from alternatives is a decision we have to make. … Continue reading Life n Choice 14 – Isaacola AA