Dream (poem) – Isaacola AA


The gnawing churning
Clawing gingerly in my innards 
The foreboding anticipation
Of “evilish” happenstance
As I awoke from the day dream
Gasping for breathe
Choking on the oxide of carbon
Anxiously trying to expel
The brutish force 
Intent on choking me
Cutting off the little 
From my circulation
Ah oh am gone

With the onset of
Eternal blackness
Filled with “starkness”
Of blackness
On the edge of floating
“Amoebic” form
Gliding in ethereal
I’m swallowed up
In the gauntlet
Of this amorphous
Swallowed limbs
And hinds

My blood moves from
boiling point in an instant
Freezing to lead weight
Sending “sprinklets”
Of sharp pains 
In “zillion” directions
Overtaken by fright 
Couldn’t take flight
Immobile to fight
And then it was night
Without light
Doomed to be consumed
By the phantom
Ah oh I’m gone

As I contemplate
Saying my last prayer
In the belly of my “prey-er”
I suddenly see myself
Stirring from the clumsiness
And “crankiness” of dream
I’m alive not dead
But drenched with my 
Sweat from exertion
Of a nightmare so real
Oh ah, I’m alive

Isaacola AA

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