Life n Choice 14 – Isaacola AA

Episode 13 here

Life is a choice and choices determine life (decision determines destiny). Making a decision is a choice and not even making a decision is a choice in itself. Think twice friends before making and or “un-making” one.

‘Making a choice’ or choosing from alternatives is a decision we have to make. Hence, a lot of care needs to be taken in order to make quality decisions. Decision making is both an art and science of sieving through various available options both genuine and otherwise.

Today, we will consider choices as regards relationship. I don’t mean boy/girl friend specifically but relationship in general. Quite a number of people have ‘boxed’ themselves into believing they are a Sanguine, Melancholy, Phlegmatic or Choleric, ‘PhlegMel’ or ‘SanCho’ and the rest of them. These are just groupings by a Psychologist. Don’t rely on everything you are told. Go all out looking for way to improve, learn, un-learn and relearn to cut out some rough edges in you that are only visible through thorough soul searching.

Get to improve yourself in the area you seem to be deficient in. Don’t blame your deficiency on your genetic make-up. I have seen someone who said “I have boiling anger”, “It’s not my fault and that’s just the way I am wired”.

Friends, quit the blaming game and take responsibility to improve on your life and relationship with others. If you truly have ‘boiling anger’, why hasn’t it pushed you to jump into a well or even an ocean? Wake up friends, smell the coffee, you are responsible for your actions or inaction.

I have also met a man that is constantly venting his anger from home on the next person he sees. This is unacceptable because people will soon start to avoid him. Remember that no man is an island. We need each other to survive.

Until next week on this series, stay focused and chose right because your life is dependent on your choices.

Isaacola AA

16 thoughts on “Life n Choice 14 – Isaacola AA

  1. A complete human being is the one that is responsible for his/her action.we should no our weakness and work on them.


  2. Well said!we shud cut d blame game and take responsibility and will see wat a wonderful place d world will be


  3. We, as humans are naturally complacent. It takes an extra will – an extra wanting to want to go further…to want to leave your comfort zone.

    To want to do more.

    God help us. Thank you for this.


  4. this is absolutely spot on. taking responsibility for one’s life and going all out to make it worthwhile should be non-negotiable.
    good stuff boss. bless


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