Life n Choices 15 – Isaacola AA

Happy birth date to my one and only. Bunmzy Isaacola. You are a rare gem! We love you.

Episode 14 here


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Last week, we considered making quality choice as regards the way we relate with one another. Today, we shall consider another issue; anger.

As long as we remain human, it is inevitable to be angry at one time or the other. Though some of us express it, others suppress it. Anger can be healthy or destructive. However, managing and dealing with anger is a goal we must seek to achieve.

The Good Book we can be (and will definitely be) angry but sin not, which implies that some anger leads to sin. Watch out! I learnt early in life that you must make allowances that others are human too and prone to making mistakes that will annoy or offend you. Therefore, we should make provision for and accommodate the mistake of others. When this is done, the gravity of the hurt or offence is reduced and we won’t be utterly disappointed.

I benefited immensely from this mindset and plead that we utilise it in our day-to-day dealings with fellow human beings. Unrealistic expectation and blind trust are part of the things that make ‘the wound’ hurt deeply, especially if it is inflicted by people we hold in high esteem or those that are ‘so dear’ to us. In spite of the hurt, we should always remember that the best of men are still MEN.

Sometime, it seems there are people whose objective is to bring out the ‘worst’ in us. These kinds of people are difficult to please but we need to realise that no one is responsible for our actions. Hence, we should learn to act rather than react because in acting, you take responsibilities for your action but in reacting, others are the primary influence.

Words harshly spoken cannot be taken back. Don’t make others provoke you into opening the venom pool, spewing out words that hurt people, which batter them and eventually make them bitter. Be a life giver and not a life taker with your words. Our friends, family, colleagues, neighbours are needed because we cannot live in isolation.

Don’t let the emotion of anger seduce you into making quick and regrettable decision but manage it into becoming a productive tool that results into positive actions. Selah!

Isaacola AA

5 thoughts on “Life n Choices 15 – Isaacola AA

  1. Love is much too pure and holy, friendship is far too sacred, for a moments reckless folly. To make desolate and mar. Angry words oh let them never from the tongue unbridled slip.
    Thank you isaac for this subtle reminder.


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