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I want to thank everyone who take out few minutes of their precious time to read Faith Series every saturday, we are grateful and we believe we have learn one thing or the other. We will appreciate comments and also contribution from you also since no man knows it all, by sharing we learn from each other and become better.


Bless the lord oh my soul and forget not his benefits…

We have been looking for a while about things we do that may hinder our prayers.

Let me paint a scenario before you. I have a five year old son. If the only time he talks\communicate with me, all he does is to ask for this or that, I am sure you and I will not readily like such boy. In fact a beggarly picture will be imprinted in our psyche concerning such a child but most time you and I are not different from that.

Our attitude towards prayer is GIVE me. Read through the Pauline epistles and you will notice a recurrent emphasis on giving thanks, look at the prayers of our Lord too and you will notice it starts and ends in praise.

How many times do we take time out of our busy schedule to thank God for the gift of life, good health, the nation etc.

“Giving thanks always…”. Friends shed that beggarly togas and start thanking God for the things you and I take for granted ( the little things of life). Its not a right my friend, its a privilege!

This week marks a year I lost a friend and colleague, he in my opinion was a better christian than I, he fast more and his study look like a real study. Now he is six feet bellow the ground! I looked up and I knew I needed to focus my attention to being thankful more.

You my friend that complain about this or that, take time out to look at the things he has done and the things he prevented from happening to you and your loved ones and then learn to be thankful.

Bishop David Oyedepo said, if you are not grateful, you are a great fool. Learn to thank God even when it seems some of your urgent prayers are not yet answered.


Join the LA family where we study and live by the word. You will never regret it.

Isaacola AA

3 thoughts on “Faith Series – Isaacola AA

  1. Wow! My day is made! Did u just say dat “we shouldn’t just see d good things we enjoy as RIGHTS but as PRIVILEGES!!!” Dat’s a profound thought dat has set my heart in PRAISE mode


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