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We are so sorry for missing in action last week, it was due to circumstances beyond our control. Enjoy this week’s episode of Dabira and we watch the unfolding case of Love, Lust, Deceit et al. Thanks for bearing with us.

Episode 6 here

Lekan was having a good time with his old school mates at the after event hangout of the Reunion Party held by the Alumni Association of his High School. They were all throwing banters and calling one another nicknames they all answered back then. Many pranks played and punishments served were laid bare afresh. It was the best atmosphere in terms of conviviality. They were all enjoying themselves with so much to drink and eat.

A few bottles of beer downed and the chats went no holds barred. Happenings that were never mentioned then found their way to the discussion table.

“Lekan I hope you have forgiven me for snatching your only High school girl sha. I know it took you lot of courage to speak to her after having a crush on her for two years. You were dulling the parole ni mehn na hin I use that opportunity to win her to my side”. That was one of Lekan’s old classmates who was obviously high on alcohol as he spoke.

Lekan made a face that conveyed a message that he was not interested. Somewhere deep down in his heart however, he knew he was yet to forget that episode.

“Yemi haba!!! Lekan must have moved on to other things since then now”, another guy at the table said.

“I hear say the babe sef don marry one baba olowo. So finally the baba don wound una two”, someone else chipped. There was a roar of laughter.

The Senior Prefect of the set waited for them all to recover from their fit of laughter before throwing his missile

“Please let’s separate the boys from the men”, he said. They all looked confused until he grinned and spoke again. “If you are married, please signify”. Hands went up one by one until there were only four unraised hands-Lekan and three others.

The married started throwing jibes at four. A pot-bellied fellow pointed to the now known quartet as if to accuse them. “You’re a bunch of unrepentant bachelors”, he said in his tipsy state.

Lekan looked unperturbed but tried not to show it. Yemi got back on his case with a snide remark that got on his nerve this time.

“May be our dear friend is still waiting for the Chosen One”. Lekan was about to respond when his mobile phone vibrated on the table he placed it. Drunk Yemi reached for it before Lekan and looked at the screen. He smiled at the caller’s picture and smiled mischievously.

“This one wey ogbeni Yemo dey smile, I have a feeling it is the Chosen One that is calling”, one of the co-revellers said.

One of the unmarried four, Chinedu peeped at the screen of the phone. He had been drinking on in silence after their marital status became a source of wicked jokes. He snatched the phone and then squeezed his face.

“Lekan don’t tell me this your fiancee”, he said as he looked up from the phone screen.                    *********************************

Straight back into the thick of things at work on her resumption, Dabira tired out pretty quickly. She informed Caroline that she was going on break, at the back of that intention was the desire for Caroline to go with her.

Unfortunately, her close confidant was still busy so Dabira had to go alone. On stepping into the restaurant where she always observed her break time, there was a shout of celebration.

All attention shifted to her as the staffers of the restaurant took turns to hug and welcome her back. The attention of the Manager was called to the serving area and she had to come see what the commotion was about. She sighted her workers milled around Dabira and could not hide her joy.

“See my dear Dabira. You are welcome back my daughter”, the older lady said and hugged her warmly.

“Carol told me everything when I didn’t let her rest. Please enjoy your meal dear, we’ll talk much better when you’re done”, she said, smiling.

“Dabira, you look pretty and happier these days. What’s the secret please?”, a male colleague who had spotted her in the restaurant and joined her on the same table stated.

“My secret is Jesus, Femi. He has taken away my sorrow and wiped my tears. I glow in him now and I allow him direct my decision making”, Dabira replied.

“That’s good to know, but I have never seen or heard you pronounce your faith like this before. I’m sure you must have gone through a lot of emotional transformation and also let go of your failed relationship”.

“Well Femi, I’ve to move on with my life. Though I have always loved a relationship where you are totally comfortable around each other, and there is no pressure to act in a certain way. That kind of relationship that makes you act weird and lazy when around each other. Make some fun, tickle each other and also call yourselves by pet names. Then laugh like best friends because you are but you can also be serious. And most of all being comfortable because you are with the one you love”.

Dabira dropped her fork and looked straight into Femi’s eyes. She didn’t want to talk about the episode but knew there was no point hiding things from Femi due to the fact that he shared the same office with Caroline. She took a glass of water and continued.

“However, since that person had said is over, you can only sulk for a while then you move on.” Dabira noted.

“You must have really loved this guy Dabira and who knows the two of you may still come back together and have Davido perform “AYE” on your wedding day, to show the world that you don’t want FERRARI or Like DESIGNER”, Femi said trying to lighten her mood.

Dabira couldn’t help but laugh. She still had lots of love and affection for Lekan. She was however unsure if Lekan would not break her heart again if she ever considered him again.



I will be going on short break. Will be back fresher and refuelled. Faith series will continue every Saturdays and Dabira though. Thanks for your understanding.

Isaacola AA

10 thoughts on “Dabira 7 – @Bunmi_Bimbola

  1. On point my dabira, I’m loving dis jawe, I am shaking my head for modupe ooooo because its like her kasala wan burst oooo, ….bimbola, God bless u jawe, I give u twale oooo


    1. Pls have mercy on Mope ooo… Don’t make any kasala to burst cos Lekan is seriously in love with her! Thanks Itunu. God bless u.


  2. How dare u stop here?

    You are a wicked sumborry.

    Really refreshing and i hope what I sense Chinedu saw on Lekan’s phone is a wonderful heart drenching fact finding for Lekan.

    Well done and I could sue u for the heart ache you cause me for all these short short episode. Please grant us the desire to read a very long one na, like two pages long, Times new Romans font 12, with no spacing kind of long…..#giantgrin#


    1. Oluwatoyosi, am doing *Obama smiling* sytle here ooo… No vex na since when I dey small my mama always say I be wicked sumborry. As for Chinedu’s findings let’s wait till next week cos even me I don’t know what he saw *covering my face* thanks for reading always.


  3. Thank God she is back
    We were not made to live for other peeps
    But for God.

    Don’t even care what’s up with Mope. Lekan will get what’s coming to him.
    Harvest time

    Its kind of too soon sha!


    1. Tess may God be praised always. Let’s see how Mope and Lekan will turn out next week. Thanks for reading always


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