Faith Series – Isaacola AA

As we bring the issue of answered prayer to rest this week. A recap of the past five or six weeks about what hinders our prayers.

We looked at doubt, unbelief , acting contrary to the prayer we pray and also God’s will (is the prayer according to his will) and also we looked at giving thanks for the answered prayers when we are yet to see any visible or physical reality of the answered prayer prayed.

As we conclude the series on things that hinder prayer, we will be looking at how our preconceived ideas hinder prayers.

I read an article on blog yesterday that got me thinking that one major reason for disappointment in the prayer room is our preconceived ideas on how God will answer or is supposed to answer our prayer.

We remember Naaman the leper who went to see Elisha for healing.. He had preconceived ideas on how he was to be healed, many times God doesn’t work the way we expect.

Sometimes Jesus lay his hands on the blind to receive sight, other times he would mould mud and put it in the eyes of the blind.

What I am getting at is that, the way you are thinking God is going to answer your prayer may not be. Approach God with an open mind or else you may be disappointed when he doesn’t follow your laid out plan.

God is speaking to you in particular, your mind is fixated on how He will answer your prayer and your expectation looked dashed after all these days, months or even years.

His word for you is to come with an open mind. Your undue fixation on abroad is blinding you to the open door around. That troubled child, spouse and sibling will take a turn for the better if only you will look beyond his\her present predicament. “God says he is coming back home sister” .

Don’t give up yet, that same thing that is consuming him will soon vomit him out. He said good bye but hear me out, prepare his room he is coming back.

You will not see rain nor wind but there will be water …!

The water you so need and desire will come but pull off your mind from rain or wind! You need water and water you will get.

He still knows how to turn the sound from leprous men’s legs into the battle march of battalion. He is telling you this hour, don’t give up, get up and face a new dawn of answered prayer but first approach God with an open mind. He will answer but in his term.


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Isaacola AA

10 thoughts on “Faith Series – Isaacola AA

  1. this is one big big one for a saturday. i have always said that some prayers have even been answered but the physical manifestation delayed because it hasn’t been aligned with divine timing.
    Good stuff overall. Thanks for being a blessing via this piece.


  2. That sounds like a declaration, not how God answers Prayer. There is how God answers Prayer. On the serie, you discussed on Kinds of Prayer God answers. How then does he answer them. Check out the April 2014 Watch Tower Magazine published by Jehovah’s witnesses tittled: “SHOULD YOU PRAY?” i enjoyed this.


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