Dabira 8 – @Bunmi_Bimbola

Episode 7 here

Chinedu’s reaction to the call set the alarm bells ringing in Lekan’s head.

“Does Chinedu know anything about Mope? Her body language sometimes makes it seem to me that she’s got skeletons in her wardrobe, something like future trouble. But these men of God can’t be lying?”, he mused.

The alcohol was losing its effect on him very fast. The playful jibes, especially the ‘annoying’ Yemi, got to him and got his brain worked up.

“If I had known all these would happen, I would have left immediately after the programme instead of this drinking spree that is throwing up silly issues”, he thought, ruing his decision to stay with his old mates for some drinks.

“Bros!”, Chinedu tapped him, bringing him out of his reverie. “Your mobile don ring twice but you didn’t pick it. Was it because of my reaction to the caller?” He gave Lekan a long look and pulled him out of the chair. Putting his hands on Lekan’s shoulder, he said “abeg come let’s talk”.

As they were leaving, Yemi aimed another shot at them. The drunk Yemi pulled Chinedu back.

“Mr. Comforter, where are you taking our friend to?” he said and grinned mockingly at Lekan.

“My friend what’s your problem now? Haven’t you had enough for the night? Please, let this guy be”, Chinedu retorted.

They took a  walk away from their friends and moved to the car park. Chinedu led Lekan to his car and they both sat on the bonnet.

“So Lekan why didn’t you answer your babe’s call”, Chinedu started the conversation. He was not sure it was Lekan’s partner but he was playing on his countenance.

Lekan could not reply his friend on time. He did not know what Chinedu wanted to say about Mope. Maybe they had once dated or he knew other dirty things about her.

“Can I bare it all to Chinedu? Whatever it is he’ll say will surely not be good. His laughter when he saw her name and face on the phone isn’t a good sign”

“Brother, talk to me. At least no be today me and you sabi”, Chinedu assured him.

“Chinedu rarely gets serious. His mien says it all. So Mope is another experiment gone bad. Why me again now?”

Lekan sighed and started from the genesis. How he had met Mope while still dating Dabira and how he had submitted their names for prayers with three men of God who came out with same result. He went further to narrate how his family and friends have not supported his decision to leave Dabira for Mope.

Chinedu took a deep breath. He was going to speak when his phone rang. He answered the call and walked a few paces from his friend. Lekan’s heart skipped a beat.

“Abi na Mope dey call am?”

Ending the call as he returned to his car, he apologized and looked deep into Lekan’s eyes.

“Lekan, I honestly don’t know what ideas you’re getting by my reaction when the phone rang while we were at the table. I don’t know any Mope and I haven’t met the lady whose picture I saw on your phone when she called”, he paused to silence his ringing phone.

“From what you just told me now though, you still have your work cut out. You’re not sure of what you share with this your Mope and you’re obviously hung over the lady in your last relationship, I am not trying to scare you but you are sitting on a time bomb”, Chinedu noted.

“Allow everything to play out fully and don’t just let anyone push you around in the name of praying over names. All will be well. One more bottle for the pain mate”, Chinedu said and practically dragged Lekan after him.                                              *********************************
“What’s up my paddy”, Dabira called out to Tade and hugged him tightly. The duo had not seen each other in three weeks as Tade had gone to United States for a two weeks seminar. Despite the distance, they talked twice daily. The hug lingered as if they last saw each other eons ago. It was obvious they missed each other’s company.

“Na you dey chop Obama food for White House? You look clean and robust. Tade, I am suspecting you o”, Kunle, the youngest of Dabira’s three brothers said as they took turns to welcome Tade into their midst. They all laughed at Kunle’s joke. It was a happy time together as they all discussed various issues.

Dabira went outside after a while. Knowing what that meant, Tade followed suite after some minutes.

“Tade, how was the States?”, she said as he took a seat beside her on the balcony. She got up immediately and picked the fruit juice beside her. Motioning for Tade to get up, she stretched the glass cups which he took and they started walking into the garden.

Tade looked into Dabira’s eyes as if there was something he had found to be strange in them.

“The seminar was fine. I told you everything already nah. Is there anything new you need to know that I didn’t tell you during our numerous phone convos?”.

“Maybe there is still something new I need to know”, she replied with a wink, “I missed you anyway and I am happy you are back here safely.

“Its nice to see you too again after those few weeks that seemed to be like years”.
Tade’s left hand by then had found a residence on Dabira’s waist while her head rested on his shoulder.

“I missed you real good”, he concluded as they both sat side by side on the swing in the garden.


3 thoughts on “Dabira 8 – @Bunmi_Bimbola

  1. Karma is always very faithful. The mill of the Almighty Father might grind slowly but it grinds exceedingly very fine. I can only guess Lekan will be screwed.


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