Faith Series – Isaacola AA

As we approach a new month in the coming week, I will like to welcome my dear sister Dako Alice Temitope (@emini_ANOTI) as she will be taking us through the month of April and possibly beyond . (I will be going on a short blogging break). I believe the good Lord will use her to open our eyes to see deep things of His as He work towards our perfection and maturity in becoming more like him.


Some truth came to the fore as I was ruminating on why is it I am not living a better life than the way I was a decade ago even though I seem to be more knowledgeable about the Word of God.

Then it hit me like a thunderbolt, “Am I practising all I know?”. Then the Spirit whispered into my heart ” if you practise one third of what you know, your life will be better than this”

Mind you, I pray , fast and preach the word but alas my lifestyle is not as effective because the volume of the word of God on my head is quite larger than the one in my heart. I became a preacher that does not do what he preaches. Selectively practising some of the things I know.

For you to live an effective christian life, you need to move the bulk of the word in your head to you heart. Someone once said that the distance between the head and the heart is the longest. But you and I need to undertake the journey periodically. Moving our cerebral knowledge and converting it to our spiritual guide (our modus operandi or better still standard operating procedure).

We tend to move with default settings as normal human being. These default settings totally negate the walk of faith. For example, seeing is believing, heaven help those who help themselves, you help God in bringing his word to pass etc but faith walk is you believe then you see, heaven help those who cannot help themselves, God need no help other than you aligning yourself to his will and purpose.

To move the word from your head (head knowledge) to your heart, you need constant discipline and conscious effort on your part to allow his word be the final authority in your life.

Wishful thinking will not help. You need to work out your salvation . No matter what your level is, there is a higher level God is calling you to and this is attainable by yielding yourself to his spirit and discipline on your part.

May the good Lord help us as we embark on a lifelong journey to perfection and maturity in Christ.


Join the LA family where we study and live by the word. You will never regret it.

Isaacola AA

8 thoughts on “Faith Series – Isaacola AA

  1. Its true, many of us don’t practice what we preach. We tend to act as if we can help God in lots of areas in our lives. Really, the best we can do is to align ourselves with His plan and purpose for our lives. We need to live a life that preaches the Word instead of struggling so hard to tell people about Christ. This is a piece that touches the innermost part of the heart. Looking forward to reading more. Thank you.


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