Mysterious Duad (poem) – Isaacola AA

I am so sorry Dabira could not be published today. It is due to some circumstances beyond our control. Thanks for bearing with us.
Isaacola AA


Sweet smile pasted like a mask
On your lovely lovey dovey face
The oldy lines sweetly concealed
Under the unmistaken mascara
Hiding every form of humanity
Poking under the earthy mask
The tenderness of true love
Expertly covered in a layered
Unnatural artificialness
Eye lashes batting bashfully
As you lure me to take
Of your spicy honey pot
With discarded honeycomb 
Made from heaven we are

Her waxy hands tracing
Every contour and ridge
With unabridged sm’thyness
Bridging my sensuous upturned lips
And cupping my ear lobes
As I respond with forced
Auto neuron
Coaxing out hidden pleasure
From her battered bodice
Moaning to the pleasure unmeasured
Coursing through my passioned body
Pleasure kills faster than work
Now is the time
To kill the love starved lady

If only she knew
to kill her
I am sent
To extinguish
Any semblance
Of life and love


Oh how his touch awakens 
A long forgotten sleeping
Awaking the gigantic monster
I have been killing all along
Whispering sweet nonsense
With melodious cadence
With heat pooling down
In the vee between my
Almost getting me there
Where reason is lost

As I drew close to kiss him
I upturn a tooth with embedded
Poison that will kill him 
With twelve hours
I tasted the bitter sweet
Gel and smiled inwardly
As I remembered the odious
Antidote taken few minutes
Earlier as I embarked
On the murderous 
Of eliminating the mysterious
Mission accomplished

But the fluid of life is gushing out
Out a gash under my fifth rid
Puncturing my diaphragm
As I watch helplessly
The brick-red blood-red liquid
Ooze away my liveliness

Isaacola AA

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