Faith Series I – @emini_ANOTI

Temitope Dako Alice kicks off faith series with a poem. Like I said earlier, she will be taking the series every Saturday for some times now.

The worshipper in me needs consistency… It needs to break free from this flesh dragging me down with lust… Just want to love you more

As a Valuable Child of God, I understand that I’m even more vulnerable to sin. I ask, Lord, that you empty me and fill me with Your desires

And Yes, I failed again. In being completely yours, I failed again. Fill me, Jesus, with Your word. Fill me that I may be empty of myself….

What better way to please you than to do exactly what You sent me to do. So, I ask, that You fill me with a love for you that will never wane.

And when my beginning feels like the end, remind me there’s a whole lot you want to use me for. Show me that there is grace till the end

When this flesh is trying to exalt itself, seeking to take Your place, Lord help me to stay rooted in Your will. Help me to be focused in You

When life seems to be empty and nothing is making sense, help me to realise You are my only Hope. Help me to know that Your Word will never go unfulfilled.

Fill my heart with Your thoughts, Lord. Replace this dirty heart with the heart of a worshipper. That I may worship you every day of my life.

Fill me with Your Spirit; the one that comforts in times of pain. Fill me with Your Spirit, that he may teach me anew every day.


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Isaacola AA

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