Dabira 9 – @Bunmi_Bimbola

We are so sorry we couldn’t bring out the episode last week due to circumstance beyond our control but episode 10 originally slated for this week will be out in two days time (thursday 10th April) . Dabira by God’s grace will continue every Tuesdays as usual afterwards. Thanks once again.


Episode 8 here

Dabira was growing fast in her new found faith. She had done away with the unwillingness to leave her family Church and transferred all her religious zeal to the Pentecostal Church she started attending after the issues with Lekan. Her views and way of life changed within a very short period of time. Things got so different that even Caroline who introduced her was amazed at Dabira’s transformation.

“Sister Dabira, have you drawn out how the youth program we are planning is going to look like?”, Pastor Patricia asked as they both look into the church schedule for the new quarter in the year. “I will give you some of the materials from the past programs for you to study and also introduce you to the Former Youth President, Brother Caleb. I’m very sure he will be willing to help you”, Pastor Pat, as they all called her added.

“Oh that will be great”, Dabira replied as she unlocked her tablet screen. She passed the tablet to Pastor Patricia and continued, “I actually have a theme already, and I call it SINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE”. Taking an interested look at what was shown to her on the device, the female Pastor was all smiles. She looked up after a few minutes and her continuous smile said it all.

“Wow, this looks wonderful. I’m impressed sis. You are showing yourself as a willing tool in the hand of The Lord”.

“Thanks Pastor. However, I will still need to discuss with the Youth exco for final endorsement”

“Go ahead my dear. I’m pretty sure no one has a better idea at the moment”, the Pastor replied.

The mini-meeting was over and Dabira made to leave the Pastor’s office.“I wanna be on my way Ma”, she said, putting her writing pad and tablet in her bag. Pastor Patricia looked at her from the office fridge where she had gone to pick a soft drink.

“I thought you’d stay a few more minutes and let us rub minds. There’s a girl in Pastor Pat too now”, she replied smiling. “I get to enjoy your company and I like how vast you are. Talk of anything, my Dabira has an idea”.

The Pastor smile seemed to infect Dabira at that instant. She also flashed her set of teeth in a full smile. “Thanks Pastor. I actually don’t have much to do at home but it won’t hurt a girl to get home early and rest well”.

“Ahn Ahn, tomorrow is a public holiday now. Stay with me a bit more jere. Or you think all this aunty Pastor will say is Church and all Churchy stuff? I get girly too o. We have to stay in touch with what’s going on around us from the altar”.

Dabira was defeated, she decided to wait and spend some more time with Pastor Patricia, especially as she had nothing to go do at home.

“So what’s happening on the relationship front o Dabira? Are you seeing someone now or still in touch with the young man from the past?”, Pastor Patricia asked, stretching out a can of drink to Dabira.

Dabira’s countenance changed immediately as if a healing wound was bruised again. She did not appreciate people talking to her about relationships or anything about Lekan. Each time that happened, she felt taken back in her healing process. She had gone as far as asking if she could ever totally heal-up and forget Olalekan, “the man I truly loved and cared about for many years without questioning my love for him”.

Pastor Patricia noticed the look on her face and smiled again. Will she ever stop smiling? “Sister Dabira, if God shut a door, stop banging on it! Trust that whatever is behind is not meant for you”.  

“The dog that will get missing, doesn’t hear the whistle of the hunter. Olalekan, you are still adamant about your decision to neglect Dabira abi?”
Lekan’s mother was on his case again that Saturday morning.

What does she want sef? Person come do weekend with her nah in make wahala plenty like this eh! Na to pack my bag and leave soon if this is what I have to go through till tomorrow.

His mother had threatened, cajoled and did all to be done for months hoping that with would change Lekan’s resolve and make him reverse his decision.

“Maami, I had already told you Dabira is not in my future. She wants too much and I can’t give what I don’t have. Moreover, the prayer result shows we are not meant to be. I don’t like the way you are taking this issue jare”, Lekan replied and got up from beside his mother.

“Wa pada wa baami nibi. If you say you are deaf, I’ll make sure your ears work perfectly well again”.
He threw his mobile phone on the bed and was pacing when the phone rang. He needed not to guess who the caller was. It was Mope’s ringing tone, TuFace Idibia’s African Queen.

“Hello babe. Howdy?”
“Olalekan mi, guess what?” Mope asked giddily.

Women sha. Wetin dey sweet this one for belle now? Senior witch don annoy me, junior witch wan start

“You know guessing isn’t my strong point. Just tell me what it is”, Lekan replied, unable to hide his irritation.

Mope’s giddiness vanished at his tone, “Well, my dear, I am pregnant!”, she said and the line went dead. Lekan felt hit on the face with an iron rod. He looked at his phone and dropped it on the bed again before sinking right beside the phone.

*so ni e ti e ti di abi (Yoruba) – Do you want to tell me you are deaf?


11 thoughts on “Dabira 9 – @Bunmi_Bimbola

  1. Hmmm….. I hope Dabira gets someone who will love her just the way she is. Already, that Lekan guy has made excuses in his heart even before the so called prophecies. I really hope for his sake, he’s not sitting on a time bomb just as chinedu said. Keep it coming,its an interesting piece…. Can you please make the episodes longer?


    1. Thanks for reading. Well let’s hope Dabira gets a good future husband or whatever. As for Lekan, I pity him seriously cos the time bomb seems to be on activation. And has for ur request we will see what we can do about it.


  2. dude has turned his life into a nollywood movie. woman wey dem never accept for hin family don deck for am. ‘prophets’ and ‘prophecies’ have scattered his smooth movement. ignorance of the word is a big killer


    1. Hmm…. Seye you have turned a Philosopher cos of Olalekan issorite. That’s one of the many problems we have by living our live based on what the pastor said with doing the “needful”. Thanks Boss.


    1. Seriously its getting more interesting but “who knows what’s gonna happen next?” I don’t know!


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