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Very sorry I am for the inconsistencies of the past few episodes. I hope to compensate with two episodes this week. I have been on blogging break and some issues keep cropping up but be rest assured the few episodes remaining will be consistent God willing. This episode is slightly longer though. Cheers.
Isaacola AA

Episode 10 here

Like a drunk man whose thinking had nothing to do with the reality of the world, Lekan made a dangerous turn into the bar where he was to meet Chinedu. He nearly hit two love birds who were strolling into the relaxation joint. The two ran in different directions within the twinkle of an eye, raining curses on him as they came back together. The guy was remonstrating, pissed enough to get into a fight with Lekan but his female companion held him back.

Lekan pretended to be oblivious of his uncivil behaviour. He acted less concerned about what might have resulted from his rough driving. The security attendants on duty were mute, unable to express their shock at the way he drove into the compound. They were used to drunken people pulling different driving stunts but it did not look as if he had any alcohol in his system.

Lekan parked his car, and alighted, pretending to be on phone in order to avoid the eyes that were trained on him. He looked around trying to locate Chinedu to no avail. Knowing anything less than a voice call would save him at that point, he dialled to enquire which part of the bar his friend was seated. Armed with the needed information, he proceeded to one of the more reserved parts of the bar where Chinedu was doing a combination of “isi ewu” and his favourite bottle of beer.

“Hailings bro. I salute o”, Lekan said as he greeted Chinedu by making a fist bump.

“Chairmo, werin dey nah? How goes it?”

“I dey paddy. Every jus tire me I swear”

“I see as you drive your jalopy enter now nah. You sure say you never smoke the blessed grass?”

“Which one is blessed grass again Nedu”

“Weed ni mehn. Calm down eh! Loko calm down! This one wey u dey drive like craze man no go help matter. If u jam person now you don enter “gbese” be that eh”.

Lekan waved off his friend’s remark to his bad driving attitude and settled into one of the empty chairs. He signalled to the bar man to come take his order. While waiting for his drink to come, he took the half filled bottle of beer his friend was drinking. Chinedu was amazed by Lekan’s behaviour.

“This guy is normally calm and reserved now. Something don touch hin brain I swear”

“Loko baba, this is unlike you. What is really wrong?”, Chinedu asked after sizing up his friend for some minutes.

“You better take things cool and face your challenges with the aim of solving them rather than putting up unnecessary shows. Now tell me, what are you chasing? Or what is chasing you, if I may say, based on the way you drove in?”.

Lekan took a deep breath and looked straight into the sky as if he was looking for answer to his friend’s question. “Ol’ boy, I am in a big pot of soup. Mope said she is pregnant”.

Chinedu burst out laughing hysterically.

“Bar man eh, abeg gimme one more bottle eh”. Wiping the beads of sweat on his face, he faced Lekan while he was still managing to control his laughter.

“Mope said she is pregnant or Mope is pregnant? The way you are saying it connotes only one thing oga; You are not ready to take responsibility. More so, have you seen her to talk things over as regards the next step?” Chinedu queried.

After few minutes of silence Lekan answered in the negative.

“I’ve not Nedu. I don’t expect her to be poking me with the issue of pregnancy at the moment. The timing is not right at all. My mind still dey do somersault nah, I never make final decision about her”.

Lekan looked into the pepper soup that was served him as if the solution to his life challenges were hidden inside the soup. Seeing the very serious look on his face, Chinedu hit him playfully and jibed at him with a mischievous grin.

“Bros you don become father in embryo be that. Gimme one bottle to celebrate your virility biko. You can make it two if you want twins eh”, Chinedu said, trying to make a comic relief out of the issue that was eating Lekan up.

“On a more serious note my friend I think you should meet Mope on this issue as soon as possible so that the two of you can sort things out. All the drama will not erase or settle the reality on ground. See, no be you be the first man to marry through this ‘I-have-not-seen-my-period’ syndrome”, Chinedu added.

Without waiting any further or saying goodbye, Lekan picked his car keys and made attempt to leave only for his friend to block him.

“Oga, abeg settle your bill before you disappear. Na only God sabi the spirit wey dey control you sef”.

“I will be on my way shortly. Got back in town last night”

Lekan pinged Mope after avoiding her for a fortnight on the pretence of being away on official duty. He parked his car and took public transport to work throughout the two weeks, leaving home very early and closing very late so as to avoid being seen. That was however not enough as Mope’s friend and sister spotted him on two different evenings as he made his nocturnal trips home.

The fear of the unknown was eating him up. Mope would call severally and he would only call back very late at night. She would send him blackberry messenger chat messages and he would end the chat without reading. The only times he managed to reply her chat messages, he gave one excuse or the other.

Knowing he could run no more, he decided to go meet her. His rib cage was feeling the effects of his over pumping heart and the excess beat it made. That sound was close to the heart wanting to escape. As he pressed the doorbell, he made a sign of the cross.

He wanted to hold her in an embrace but she withdrew coldly and just went back to sit.

“Mope dear. How have you been?”

“See question o! You have finally come back from your trip after two weeks of going to work and avoiding my calls, lying to me that you are out of town abi? When did you start travelling on official duty without telling me Lekan? When?”

Lekan was not surprised that she came at him immediately but he was surprised she did not bother to even say hello or not. The Mope he knew would still snuggle up and address him with respect no matter how hurt she was. He had to say something.

“I’m sorry baby. You know how these things happen. You know how my boss is. He can be a real pain in the ass”.

“Oga save me the sermon. Be avoiding me because of my state you hear? I hope you know I didn’t make it happen by myself? And when you were doing speaking in tongues while we got intimate, you didn’t give me attitude”.

She was ranting and her eyes were aflame with fury now.

“Calm down Mope. Calm down”, he bellowed. She surprisingly went quiet and he moved closer, holding her shoulders from behind. He spoke softly again.

“How late are you? What do we do?”
“What do we do? All these questions you are raising now did not play out from your dirty mouth when you were getting down Lekan. My dear before you ask me any other JAMB question, let me make my position clear to you. I, Mopelola, will not abort this pregnancy and there are no single parents in my lineage. I presume you know what that means. In case you don’t, prepare to meet my parents before the bump starts showing. Let me also inform you, I told your mom yesterday”.

Mope ended her mini speech enveloped with her rage and ran into the bathroom.

Lekan was transfixed.  By all indications, he had lost his bid to convince Mope that he wasn’t ready to settle down. To make matter worse for him, his mother was in the know already.

“No wonder Maami was calling yesterday”

Although, Mope was never his mother’s choice, he knew she would never support abortion or let Mope cater for the unborn child by herself.

“None of my boys will impregnate a girl and tell me he is not ready for marriage, once he can do what married folks do, he should be ready to take responsibilities”, his mother’s voice rang in his head.              


“Dabira, I notice you have changed a great deal and you seem to have finally moved on with your life. I want you to know that being single is not a disease but age will not wait neither will time slow down because you have issue with your love life”.

Mrs. Doherty started another of her now constant lectures that had now started irritating Dabira. Her mother was getting on her nerves with this constant pressure about settling down with a man and not as soon as possible. She regularly admonished Dabira not to set too high standards or get unnecessarily choosy in her bid to get a man to marry her.

Her mother intensified the pressure the day she spotted a male visitor. The visitor was one of the Church brothers who had come visiting someone who he called a colleague down the street and ran into Dabira. Coincidentally, he was one of those ‘receiving’ her in the Church. He had come back afterwards under the guise and that was when Mrs. Doherty met them in the living room.

Dabira was called into her mother’s room for a lengthy discussion later that evening. She had to answer lots of question by her ever inquisitive mother.

“Mummy, please can someone have rest in this house? Haba! When I am convinced about any man, I would let you know. Moreover, the time for trial by error is long gone for me. I want to get it right this time around”, Dabira responded sharply and walked out on her mother.


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