Faith Series IV – @emini_ANOTI


Dear Awesome Child of God,
I am more than happy for who you have become. Daily you strive to be better and you climb new heights no one thought was possible for you. I remember when things were bad for you; really terrible days when you wished death would favour you. Remember the times you ran away from home because you were scared of being judged? You went to a place no one knew you and struggled every day to live. Remember when you had to beg for survival, you would go days without food and all you could manage to get was a sachet of water to fill your tummy for the day. Life was cruel. You were in pains and even when you got really sick, you still chose to stay away from home. You were the prodigal child, a black sheep that was scared to face anybody. Maybe if they found your body rotten and half eaten by animals, they would forgive you but death was not kind to you. It looked you in the face and told you to try another time. You tried your best to get rid of your life but God said wait, you still will fulfil the purpose I called you for.

Child of God, daily I am surprised with the new vigour you now live your life. You still struggle with the past and try to lay it to rest but that is not a stumbling block to the wonder you are now. Pain is part of life that grooms you for greatness, you know this and you’ve used it to your advantage. You took your horror and turned into something beautiful. In search of a solace, you found a voice that has brought you fulfilment. Who knew the outcast can be celebrated? You are my hero and every day, I praise God on your behalf. The past has become a catalyst for the great things you are doing. In searching for help, you found creativity. Everyday, you live your life like today is the only chance you have to prove yourself. Nothing else matters to you except to use the new voice you have found for the beauty of the Lord. It is not easy, I know. People still look at you and judge. Some try to celebrate you when you are around and sneer at you at your back but that is not going to stop you. You live for you and the God that created you. Let them laugh all you want, soon they will be preaching about the goodness of the Lord in your life.

Dear beautiful daughter of Zion, I see in you greatness. I see you and I see a walking epitome of success. You are an achievement standing, a miracle to your generation. You carry in you fire that sets negativity ablaze and sparks up positivity. You are not ashamed of your past because you know that the most brilliant of all minds have once been preyed on by the biggest of all problems. You are product of the dirtiest mess and you are proud of it because it gave birth to the new you. When God says yes, you know nobody’s opinion matter anymore. God said yes to you and that is all the fuel you need. What can’t kill you, only made you stronger. When death refused you, you are tougher than you know. You are strong, intelligent and a living prospect for excellence. You are wonderful and I am proud of you. If your past could not succeed in stopping you from giving birth to excellence, nothing can stop you. You were burnt to born miracles that will turn the world around. You were burnt to give the world a new meaning. Just like the gold, you were burnt to born BEAUTY.


Join the LA family where we study and live by the word. You will never regret it.

Isaacola AA

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