And The Man Died (poem)

The finale of Dabira will be coming up this week by God’s grace, kindly bear with us.

Isaacola AA

AND THE MAN DIED (15/03/06)

Twisted to an impossible angle

Twang’d by the anguish of the soul

Speaking to an invincible fiend

Clothed in joy and sorrow of a friend

Smile he does as he dose up to eternity

And the man died

Wriggling, musing, cursing and shouting

Dancing to inaudible drums in ecstasy

Gyrating with fervour and tremor

Outstretched hands in pleading gesture

A mile of this I can’t take again

And the man died

Eyelids looking forlorn to aeons

Heart beating rapidly n prof’sly

Hands thwarting and carting at n’thing

Covered with the volcano of epilepsy

Lies, all these are mirage of the city

And the man died

Sweetly without sweat

Silently within the scenery

Patiently without a sound

Totally within submission

The spirit flew out of the mouth

And the man died.

Isaacola AA


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