Dabira 12 – @Bunmi_Bimbola

We wholeheartedly support the #BringBackOurGirlsAlive and sincerely pray for the release of the girls safely and peace which is the foundation of any meaningful progress in Nigeria.

One more episode to go please. So sorry for the inconsistencies.

Isaacola AA

Episode 11 here

Seated with his head bowed and in different jumbled thoughts, Lekan was getting nowhere as he sought a way out of the situation in which he found himself. He unconsciously stretched out on his couch, closing his eyes and allowing his mind to wander to the genesis of his problems.

Surprisingly, ideas started coming and his mind was getting clearer. Weighing the options before him as the chances of solving the nagging issue before him got narrowed; only one person came to mind as his saviour – Tade. He however had to swallow his pride and reach out to Tade again since blanking him shortly after the issue with Dabira.

“Will Tade listen to me after the way I raked for him the other time? How I wan even follow am talk say another babe don get belle for me? Ol’ boy, na shame be this o. Hearing that Tade has been sighted with Dabira means anything I discuss with him would be food for her ears sef”.

He got up as if remote controlled, and started pacing in his large living room, totally lost in thought. “What kind of mess have I gotten myself into? Daddy had always warned us when he was alive that we shouldn’t take decisions too fast until we are convinced. Now my sharp boy move is working against me now”, he said in soliloquy as he walked to his refrigerator.

Lekan took a big bottle of McDowell and drank directly from the bottle in six swift gulps before replacing the cover and putting it back in the fridge. Unsatisfied with the quantity he took, he picked the bottle and moved to the centre of the living room. Still engrossed in thoughts about how to deal with the Mope situation, his mind still accommodated a scenario in which Tade had started dating Dabira.

“Lekan wetin be the meaning of all these?”, Chinedu asked as he hit Lekan, attempting to wake him up.

Chinedu who was fast forging a bond of friendship with Lekan had visited unannounced. The living room reeked of alcohol as Lekan had spilled the content of his McDowell bottle on the tiled floor while sleeping. His casual top was soiled with the drink as well. He finally responded, wiping the saliva that drooled to the right side of his mouth as he slept.

“Edu how far nah?”

“I full ground paddy”

“Sleep just carry me as I dey try think my way out of this wahala wey I dey ni jare”

“Your iya ireti matter abi?”

“Yes o. Person even tell me say hin see my ex and my paddy together. That Tade guy too like the babe from time, as in even before me and am clench o”

“So despite wetin dey your front, you still get time to dey think of Tade and your ex. Why are you still bothering yourself with either of them? There are more important things for you, things like Mope and her pregnancy. You no need dey stalk your ex”

“Edu you can’t understand. I mean this guy na my very close paddy, he is more or less my blood. Now me and Dee break up and he’s all over with her. Makes me think he never wished us well”

“There’s no need for all these like I said earlier but instead of guessing, reach out to Tade and ask him. My friend, take the bull by the horn and call Tade. Both of them might just be the normal old friends they used to be”.

Lekan thought about what Chinedu said for a while and saw that it was not a bad idea but he did not know how to relate with Tade as he had failed to talk to him for a pretty long time. He was brought out of his reverie by Chinedu.

“Alaye oya take your phone and call Tade”, Chinedu said as he threw the phone to his friend.

Before he dialed the number, Lekan looked at his friend and spoke from his heart of hearts.

“Chinedu I owe you a lot man. You are a source of strength to me. My life could have been more miserable if not for your support”, Lekan noted, his face carrying the very serious expression it is known for once in a while.

“Nna leave that side and do the needful biko”, Chinedu replied.

Tade answered the call on the second dial but his voice was flat and emotionless.

“Oga how far? Werin dey?”

“I dey bro. I know have offended you so much that I am not worthy to be called your friend. Na prevailing situation cause all the katakata. Please don’t be cross with me. I’m sorry for talking to you very rudely the other time”.

“Loko, you na my person nah. I no dey vex o. I just say make I stay my lane as you blank me ni. Please let me call you back. I want to attend to something very fast”.

Lekan knew Tade. He merely tried to be chatty but the way he hung up the call showed there was still lots of resentment in him

“Ol’ boy, barbecue and drinks on me. I can’t let you stay here all alone”, Chinedu said and Lekan got up to take a bath and go out with his friend.


“Dabira is everything okay? I’ve seen you at the door a few times already. Is there something you want to discuss with me?”, Pastor Patricia said with a big smile.

Dabira replied with a shy smile as she playfully waved at the other Pastor seated directly opposite the lady that had become an integral part of her life.

“Lemme finish with Pastor Richard then we can do our ‘girl girl thingy”.

Just as Dabira stepped out of the Pastor’s Office to wait, her mobile phone rang, she smiled and allowed TuFace’s Rain Drops play out. It was the ringer she assigned to Tade on her phone. Grinning and giggling, she answered the call.

“Hi baby boy, what’s cooking?”

“Dee, guess what?”

She rolled her big eyeballs as if the caller could see her expression.

“Tade talk jor. Which one be this guessing game?”

“Well your Lekan called today and was all beggy beggy. My first cue was to free him but I later thought to hear him out.

Dabira was quiet for a while. She managed to reply after a while.

“Hmmmm. What did he say o?”

“He requested that I arranged for him to meet you”

She went quiet again and by the time she replied, it was with the harshest tone Tade ever heard from her.

“I hope you didn’t give any assurances or promise what you will end up not fulfilling o? Don’t let him feel like some kind of celebrity will dance “Azonto” on his head as the request will be trampled on from my end here. Meeting ko, fishing ni”.

“Dabira what’s the problem? You were excited few minutes ago when you peeped into my office. Are you sure you’re good?” Pastor Patricia queried.

“Come on my girl don’t tell me someone stole your smile away. Have your seat and let’s talk”, she added.

Dabira settled down on the seat before Pastor Pat as she is fondly called.

“I actually wanted to come and tell you about Richard’s proposal as we early discussed and my plan to accept his proposal but just then Tade called me few minutes ago to inform me that Lekan wants to have a meeting with me”. Dabira explained to her Pastor and confidant.

“It is nothing to worry about Dabira. Forget about Lekan and face Richard. Take heed too, there will be no Metusalah kind of courtship again. Okay?”, Pastor Pat finished her statement, looking straight into Dabira’s eyes.

“Yes mami”, she replied.

“Now babe, there is fruit wine in that fridge, can you get us wine glasses to celebrate?”

Dabira got up, feeling light headed and having her giddy mood almost restored.


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  1. That was nice. Even though I didn’t followed the story from the beginning, I felt so much interested in it. Good work, Sir


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