May 6 at 1:57 PM

Our nobles are filled with fables
Dragging us in utter helpless gutter
Exfoliating every form of dignity
Exposing us to every ignominy

Weep now child for this land
All we stand for is dragged in sand
Clothed n saddled with shame
Rendered helpless n very lame

Continuously moving without motion
Orbiting in the circus of calamity
Perpetually rotating looters
As our dearly leaders

This house of tamed lamed giant
Is haemorrhaging blindly
Bleeding out its whole essence
Dying a death unnatural

Swing and sing a sweet dirge
To the “liluputan” giant
Void of life n liveliness
Come alive oh land I pray

A weepy crawling giant
Flogged to helplessness
By hapless politician intent only
In crippling the wobbling nation

We are clothed in corruption and ineptitude
Blinded by primordial greed n avarice
Married to ethnicity n duplicity
Oh that this scale will leave

Let’s rise above bigotry sentiment
And “nepotic” tendencies
‘Derobe’ religiosity in order to
Enthrone meritocracy

Can anything good still come from you
Oh land of our nativity
Can we still sing the songs of greatness
As of days gone bye

Isaacola AA

7 thoughts on “Cry

  1. One day we will sing a song of joy,bcos one day God will look down on our land and answer the prayer of the inocent ones


  2. Lovely…but sad piece. Sounds very much like Nigeria. Tho I know one thing for sure: Nigeria will rise n shine again. Might not be soon but it sure will happen.


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