Faith Series

Happy Six years wedding anniversary to someone special. More grace and favour.

We are sorry Faith Series was not available last week Saturday. I am gradually coming back from my self imposed break and I believe it is for better. That said, let’s plunge into what we have today.

Mark 5

The story is told of a Gadarene demoniac in the above scripture who the Bible said no one could “tame”. Often times he breaks the chains and the shackles used to bind him, he also cut himself with stones and  lived on the mountains and in the tomb.

I dare say, some of us have this man’s trait in us. He lived in the tomb depicts a picture of him living among the dead – many a times God through his call offers us life but we insist on going our way (the way that is frosted with dying, death and decay) ! He knows the path we are threading is leading to the congregation of the dead but we are hell bent on having our way. Jesus is calling us out of our cocoon of death and deadness, come out and he will give you rest. He sees the end from the very beginning.

He constantly broke  the chains and shackles that is supposed to prevent him from self destruction! Wow, how many times do we act like this? So many times my brothers and sister. The commandments and laws of God are meant to tame us but alas we break every known rule all in the name of freedom. The rules are to control our vile affection, hold us within the boundary of sanity and help us to fulfil His plan and purpose for our lives. Brethren his commandments are not grievous. Don’t be like the Gadarene demoniac, allow God’s ways to mould yours.

The truth is, so many of us have a measure of this man running wild within us every now and then but there is  good news, Jesus is passing by and he is calling us to Himself. He wants to put an end to our frustration and internal conflict; that wildness which keeps driving us to the extremity of the death and madness. Allow him not only as your saviour but ultimately as your LORD in all aspects and you will see His grace at work in your life.

Isaacola AA

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