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Things were happening very fast and Lekan was resigned to fate. Despite his ill disposition to formalising his union with Mope, his mother had pressurised him the moment she knew he had put Mope in the family way. She was given unhindered access to Lekan’s mother who welcomed her despite her strong opposition to conception outside marriage.

“What can one do about children of nowadays who eat what they should not smell”, she mused on the evening of the day Mope went to tell her.

Lekan had refused to go meet Mope’s folks. Before he could be in the know, his mother had started relating with Mope’s parents. When they asked of him, it was said that he was away from the country on official assignment.

The introduction and engagement ceremony was fast approaching and Mope had come to pass the weekend with Lekan in order to brief him about the conclusion she had with her parents as touching their engagement plans.

Despite his un-cooperative attitude, both parents had started making plans for their engagement.

“These people are jokers. They just want to push me in. “Maami” isn’t making my life any easy. Na wa o, see how I have boxed myself into a tight corner”. He really wished he could have the opportunity of pulling out of the whole sham that he saw the introduction as but his mother would not have agreed under any situation.

He was not convinced as he kept having this niggling feeling that something is not adding up. He remembered getting intimate with her without protection, one of the best sessions he ever had with her but he just could not place how she got pregnant with one moment sex without protection.

While Mope was cooking and humming one of her favourite Asa songs, he picked her phone to play Road Rash, a game he always played on her phone. He unconsciously looked up and saw her protruding tummy, which actually was not as big as what he saw.

Two women in the neighbourhood had already started calling Mope “iya ibeji”. “Useless Aproko people who won’t mind their own business”, he hissed.

At that instant, Mope’s phone beeped. Exiting the game he was playing, he navigated to the blackberry messenger and replied with “busy. Brb”. He went back to his game and played it till he settled on the couch. Having had enough of the game, he started checking pictures and videos. His idleness got him reading her chats. They were funny, girly and mostly business chats but as he was about to close it, his eye stuck on a contact saved as “Olawale” on her whatsapp. Expecting to see nothing as usual, he opened their chat and settled down to read. He slowed down his reading speed when he got to a point. Getting up, he headed to the kitchen to meet Mope.

“Mope who is this Olawale contact on your whatsapp chat, asking if his baby is kicking?”, Lekan said, his eyes still glued to the phone screen as he lay on the tiled floor of his living room. He kept a straight face without making eye contact with Mope. She was taken aback by the question Lekan asked. Still trying to string words to respond to his query, he bellowed.”Answer me now before I throw you out through the window. Answer me now!”. By this time Lekan was on his feet and was advancing towards Mope. The look in his eyes was menacing, she had never seen him that livid with rage.

Mope was scared and confused about Lekan’s accusation. She would not deny knowing Olawale. She actually once dated him and but they could not get married due to Mope’s mother refusal to give her blessings. Her mother’s excuse was that she gave Olawale’s name to three Pastors to pray on and the results given to her were negative reports with strong warning that the consequences would be dire if they attempted to force it.

Mope finally found her voice, that was after creating a safe gap between them both.“Lekan hold on, I’m sure you don’t expect me to say you are the first man I ever dated? I know people. Olamilekan, I dated guys before we met. What I don’t understand is the issue of somebody asking about his baby”.

She was gaining more confidence because Lekan’s facial expression was softening. “I used to date Olawale if that’s what you wanna know. What you saw about a kicking baby is what I don’t know. You have never wanted to take responsibility for the pregnancy so your attitude doesn’t surprise me”.
Lekan was totally disarmed by Mope’s response. He knew he had to say something but his tongue was stuck to the bottom of his mouth. By the time he was able to speak, she was almost out of sight.

“Come back here you fool, my question has not been fully answered. Whose baby are you carrying? I need a proper answer before I kick that thing you are pushing about” Lekan said angrily. The person he was talking to was gone however. Noticing that she was gone, he went after her.

Mope flagged down the first taxi she saw before Lekan could catch up with her. He went back into the house and just as he was about calling her, his phone beeped. He chose to read the ping before calling her.

“Lekan, the baby I am carrying is yours. As per the message you saw, yes I was pregnant for Olawale but I had a miscarriage. That was a month before we met. You are only joking, the engagement will hold”.


Richard and Dabira had a swell time hanging out for the weekend, as the day was coming to an end. It was a new chapter for them both since they started dating.

Richard suggested they go do some shopping at the city mall after spending time at the movies.
“Richie I need to still run some errands for my mom, I think we’ve had enough for the day. We can do the shopping some other time nah”, Dabira noted.
Richard responded with a full smile to the nickname Dabira calls him anytime she wants him to do something or when she needs her attention. “Dee baby, don’t worry, just gimme some more minutes. We won’t take too long a time at the mall, I promise.

He drove straight to the mall before Dabira could raise any more objection. He looked into her face and winked a wink.

“Here we are Dee baby. Let’s drop by at my friend that runs the ice cream joint over there. I placed an order for you already”. Richard stated as he hopped out of the car to open the passenger’s door. Holding hands and forgetting all the care in the world, they walked down to the joint. There was a table for two that was strategically positioned. Richard wasted no time in claiming it for them both. He drew out a chair for her and motioned for her to sit.

“Sit my lady. Lemme place our orders. I don’t want my Eve going through troubles. I will be back in a bit”, Richard said as he kissed Dabira lightly on her right cheek.
Richard walked faster and made an eye signal to the guy behind the counter. Having been earlier informed of the plan, the guy got the message and quickly passed a marked bowl of ice cream with some snacks to Richard. He paid him and made back for the table within an eye’s twinkle.

“Hope you didn’t miss me my lady? I want to give you a treat. The ice cream is for you. I’ll take just the chicken pie and a bottle of drink”. He stated as he pulled back the second seat.

“Thank you Richie but I can’t wait again. I should be on my way home by now”, Dabira replied agitatedly. There was still an awful lot of work to be done and the day seemed to be racing with Usain Bolt.

“Dee baby please I insist that you at least taste from the ice cream”. Richard said with a smile.
Reluctantly Dabira opened the bowl of ice cream and saw a diamond engagement ring on the ice cream. She was shocked and looked helpless.
“Marry me Dabira . In you I have found everything I have been waiting for. Let us together go to cloud nine. Marry me and let’s together make the dreams we share come true”, Richard said as he went on his knees.

Dabira’s mouth went dry. She looked around and saw people giggling and watching. She felt something travel from the back of her neck all the way down to every other part of her body. She did not believe what was happening.

“I’ll wake up soon. Someone proposes to me? Not just someone, the same Richard I’ve had a huge crush and feelings stronger than I ever felt for”.
“Please say yes my Love.” Richard prompted again. Tears flowed down her face. Her mild make-up was a mess already as her facial oscillated between surprise, smile, confusion and other emotions. Stammering, she spoke finally.

“As long as it is you Richie, I will”.
She drew him up, looked into his eyes and comported herself to continue talking “Richard, cloud nine or cloud ninety, you own me. Your people shall be mine and the God who we both serve will always be our God. I remember you always say me and you can make the world jealous. I’m in Richard, let’s do it”, she said bursting into fresh tears.

“Tade, Richard has talked finally. I’m so excited. See you soon”
“Woooow. I’m right behind you guys watching the drama. Congrats Dee, that’s none less than you deserve”
Tade and Dabira exchanged a quick conversation on blackberry messenger but before she could turn to look, she saw him walking away.

“It’ll never be my chance with Dee. I better look for one I can love”, Tade muttered as he took the escalator and disappeared from Dabira’s sight.



First of all, we are sorry for the three weeks break between the last episode and this one. It is due to circumstance beyond our control.

Special thanks to Abimbola Adebayo for the work, also Seye Babalola and Dako Alice Temitope for their work on in making sure it is okay (winks) and also all the readers for their time, we are grateful.

Isaacola AA


18 thoughts on “Dabira 13 (finale) @Bunmi_Bimbola

  1. Thanks for the write up. Very inspiring but want to say I do not like/understand the way Mope’s part ended, is Lekan responsiblE for the pregnancy or not.


  2. Awwww, my name entered appreciation page. Newnaija will make me cry *sniff sniff*. I liked the ending but would have better served with another romantic proposal, something to make us cry.
    All in all, bravo. E no easy to finish series.


  3. At last, well I love the way it ended though the writer made us to read dabira for 4 good months haba. Good work keep it up and to MR I please we need another love story sharp sharp


    1. Temmy I appreciate u. Well you know all these writer’s blocks wahala now *covering my face* another story is cooking anyway.


    1. Thank you Sister. Too much suspense that even me the writer don’t understand. The characters just took the positions they like.


  4. well, i can safely say, they were never meant to be. How God works in wondrous ways, first it confuses us and then later it takes us straight to promise land.

    Good piece. i faithfully read all series…..but i like the story after the happily ever after have just getting started 🙂

    Thanks Bimbo and her crew.


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