Random Tots

In the journey of life, never say never and don’t shut a door permanently because you never know what tomorrow holds.

 ” Never create a monster to fight a cause! The monster might as well turn and face you after you’ve achieved your set goals. Monsters feed on lives, they will want a taste of yours later. ”
“As a rule of KARMA Evil is a self destruction program”

When climbing up in the journey of life, don’t shut the door you passed through, you never know if you will need the door on your way down.

Maintain a positive attitude, Negative attitude decelerates while positive attitude accelerates.

Persistence is the key to success, as long as you are willing to try again, you can be assured of success. if you want to be good at anything, try again.

“Be open to good ideas whatever their source is, whatever you can do, or dream you can, Begin it. A closed mind never learns anything.”
Be good to people around you and be remembered with how you make them feel.

Don’t underestimate the power of seed. Whatever your life’s work is, do it well. The produce of a seed well sown is immeasurable.

The journey to improvement is ever expanding. Improve! Improve!! Improve!!!

Don’t treat people like entities, they are human and crave to be treated as one ; they have feelings, emotions, hurts, desires, challenges and so on.

Never judge a matter by looking at just one side, even natural justice beckon on us to consider both sides before making a decision, if not you will make an ASS of yourself.

Be good to people around you and be remembered with how you make them feel.
While accepting gratefully whatever life offers you, today I choose to create joy in my life. Why not you?

Isaacola AA
Special thanks to Abikoye Oluwatoyosi Oluwatoyin @littleangel2ng for her contribution. 



8 Replies to “Random Tots”

  1. What a good reminder this is because we all tend to forget and treat people anyhow. Thank you Sir. More power to your pen!


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