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Today I am 80 years of age and I’m really thankful and grateful to God for sparing my life. Looking back the years, I realize that I have achieved quite a number of things at least to show for the years I have lived, but only God and I know I could and should have achieved more.

Somewhere inside of me, I feel cheated; cheated by life. I have learnt my lessons though but I will never have the time to correct my mistakes (how sad that is). Life told me four lies and I believed them in a hurry, little did I know that my father too was told the same and sure enough, life will tell you the same lies.

A lot has changed, many more things will still change but these lies don’t- it’s the same old story, I wonder why. I can only hope that you believe me and on time too because my father told me this same thing but today I wonder why I didn’t listen to him.

If I had my life to live again, I will be careful not to believe that, (Firstly) there is time. I know today at 80 that nothing can be farther from the truth than that. The aim of this lie is to make you waste every bit of the little time you have. Procrastination they say is the thief of time. Unlike money, time cannot be saved; you either spend it or invest it. If you are in the habit of delaying what can be done today till tomorrow, you are, unknown to you robbing yourself of your future. Time lost can never be regained. If you want to know just how much a split-second of time is actually worth, ask someone who has lost a gold medal in Olympics-every second counts!

Life told me SECONDLY that there are no consequences to my actions; that I can eat my cake and have it. For long I thought that was true, all I needed to do was to be smart. I can’t begin to tell you all the things I did; from fraud to fornication… the list is almost endless. Today as I look back, I realize I was a fool for indeed what a man sows the same he will reap. The consequences of some of those things may come years after, but believe me they will surely come. Even as I write this letter, there are some consequences of my action I’m still battling with; I silently wish I had known better. It’s true you can outsmart the police but what about God. Isaac Newton was right;” to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. I thought it was but the third law of motion, little did I know it is the rule of life. Sometimes, our actions are not just consequential on us but on children yet unborn, I didn’t know this until I met an HIV positive baby. Some mistakes can be corrected, some can’t. Whichever the case may be, prevention is always better than cure.

I’m sure you have heard this THIRD lie times without number- “experience is the best teacher”. I realize that there are two things wrong with that statement; one is that experience can’t possibly be the best teacher (the Holy Spirit is). The Holy Spirit can teach you in five minutes what experience will teach you in five years. Secondly, experience is a good teacher (don’t get me wrong). It has its own place actually and in fact there are some things you can only learn by experience but they don’t all have to be your own experience. Consider that you don’t have enough time to learn everything via your own personal experiences. Experience may be a good teacher but definitely a bad coach for it will teach you some things you may never be able to practice, what is the essence of knowing it’s wrong to drink and drive after a fatal accident that claimed your backbone. As I stated earlier I tried everything that came my way, I wanted to experience it for myself, to have a feel of it…If I had known, I would have paid more attention to advices from older folks, you may have more food than them but you certainly cannot have as much faeces.

If you have fallen victim of these three lies, please don’t fall for this LAST ONE- it’s your life. When I was your age, it was my slogan “it’s my life, I can do anything I want with it”. If you think about it a little, you’ll discover it’s not true. If the life you live is actually yours, you would have full control over it (but you know you don’t). If it was your life, you would be able to decide both your time of birth and death (but you can’t, can you?). So it really is not yours, the truth is that we are care takers of it, all life comes from God the “Landlord”. One day He will come (and without notice) and you will have to give account for it. How prepared are you for that day. IF I WERE YOU, I would make Jesus my Lord and personal saviour today.

I love you


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Isaacola AA

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