Stupor 2

dunkStupor 1 here

With wobbly feet I got up
Slowly steadying myself with the wall
Dangerously looking tipsy topsy
With feet feeling rickety and rubbery

Sweet home I come for abode
Staggering and stammering with drunken stutter
Drowning my pain and shame
In Alcoholic stupor
Watching ebbing life out of me flow

Don’t blame me for this shame
I crashed from fame to lame
Tired of the blame game
Name calling and self blaming

How can you cast a stone at me
Seeing how prone my situation is
Scraped of sanctity and dignity
Left to fix a broken and rotten humanity

Here I am a graduate of penury
With Masters in abject poverty
De-robed of family and friends
With solace in my alcoholic stupor

Insipired by a drunk

Isaacola AA


6 Replies to “Stupor 2”

  1. Someone said you write poetry very well. Its not as if I don’t know that before though 😉
    Eden’s comment has a bit of what I’ve always said about alcohol – temporary forgetfulness, but then the issue comes back stronger than ever.
    Good work boss, Salute


    1. Ummm boss, from you! Blushing I am.
      When someone you have tons of respect for and his work begins your day with this kind of comment. Butterfly starts fluttering it leathery feather to fly.

      Thanks my oga at the top.


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