X, Y Thingz 2

cheating 2 Y Thingz 1 here

Some cheat because of their intrinsic insecurity thereby taking the extra pleasure
taken outside as a source of advantage to boost their self worth or image, some others cheat for the fun of just cheating. Many others cheat because of the excitement generated by the risk involved in being able to get away with it, that is, the higher the probability of being caught the higher the adrenaline pumped in the risky adventure. Some others just ‘do it’ because of their ego or sense of arrival!
Why do you cheat?
Why did you even contemplate keeping your ex handy if you have no ulterior motive of opening up the communication channel? Like I said earlier in the previous “X, Y thingz”, once debe always debe debe, when you keep the channels of communication open to an ‘X’, you are invariably asking for more than communication.
When expectations are not met at home, there is possibility of the partner who is feeling he or she is not being satisfied to look for alternative outside.
Let us look at the female folks for starters. They are wired to be treasured, pampered and communicated to. Lack of the above can push her to the extreme thereby making her crave for the attention that is not available at home or even in a relationship that isn’t in marriage yet. In this time and season, we have millions of willing ‘friends with benefits’ outside that are ready to give a shoulder for you to cry and at the end; they too will want to be satisfied one way or the other. The guys therefore put in more efforts in seeing to the emotional and communication need of their partner or else, you will be calling for opportunity for them to cheat.
The man has his own needs also which when not met, ultimately pushes him to the ever willing ladies outside who are interested in snatching him from you at the slightest provocation.
In these days where most of our waking time are spent it in or around our workplace and on the move, special attention should be given to relationship and family because when the chips are down, that is what one is always left with. Treasure your relationship with your spouse and mate because they are the succor in the rancor of life. Play safe, keep off exes and culture your relationship because its your anchor should hold in this rancorous times we are in.

Isaacola AA


12 Replies to “X, Y Thingz 2”

  1. A part of the piece mentioned something about those whose behaviors and attitudes push their partners back into the waiting arms of intruders, who are more deadly when its the ex. I think we all should play our roles with whoever we’re with and not also make cheating or ‘hanging with the ex’ attractive.


    1. Many a times we use our own hands to push our partner into the willing hands of ever ready exes who doesn’t want to remain in the past but present. Thanks oga mi sir


  2. But must one rush to an ex to cheat because he/she is not getting every desirable in the marriage/relationship?where is the self discipline again,in as much as exes should be left in the past i don’t think not getting complete attention and care from your partner should drive you to go cheating


    1. True boss, most time people look for the flimsiest of excuse to justify their cheating either with an ex or any other person whatsoever.

      Cheating is unacceptable regardless of the excuse we give.


  3. A much needed reminder to couples out there. Don’t give the enemy an inch because he will always want to go a mile. Let the past be what it is and face your future expectant of better things. Let there be open communication always between mates in a relationship and also be your mates best friend. Thanks Sir for this lovely piece.


  4. hehehehe. once debe debe is always debe debe. lol nice one sir. but what of the ones that are still single? can they still hang out with the exes? 😀


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