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7 laws of breakthrough (2)

This week as we continue in this series, let’s look at the second law of breakthrough; COURAGE. It’s a word I believe you know too well, but you probably have not put it to use.

COURAGE is not the absence of fear as some suppose, it’s the ability to march on in spite of it. Recall the story of David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17), of how Goliath threatened the children of Israel un-replied for a space of about 40 days and would have won the battle without even fighting. Then came this young but courageous boy- David who had the guts to challenge the philistine and before we knew what was happening, Goliath was down head apart. Who would have thought that a stone was all that was needed to kill the giant? The Israelite got that breakthrough that day because somebody dared to try. A lot of times we miss out on great opportunities because we fail to confront our challenges- we give in too easily. To be courageous is to be daring, to be bold, to be confrontational.

It will interest you to know that the king of the jungle- the lion is not the strongest animal in the jungle, neither is it the swiftest. It is not poisonous neither is its jaw the strongest but it has one distinct quality- courage. The lion fears nobody, the bible tells us “it turneth not away from any”- proverbs 30:30. The bible further encourages us to be as bold and fearless as the lion-“…but the righteous are bold as a lion”- proverbs 28:1, the reason is simple; life belongs to those who have no place for fear, people for whom nothing is too high, nothing too strong, nothing is impossible, people like Jesus- the LION of the tribe of Judah.

Courage can also be said to be the ability to manage failure successfully. In our pursuits of purpose, we sometimes fail, we miss it. It happens to everybody, but what makes the difference is how we manage it. The courageous knows how to get up every time he falls. Remember the story recorded in 1 Samuel 30; David had just returned from battle only to discover that all he had ever worked for was gone- his wives, children, properties. Not his alone but that of the men with him. A band of Amalekite had raided their town – Ziklag. All hope was lost, the situation was so bad that warriors resorted to crying. They wept till they had no more power, but David took courage, the bible tells us “…but David encouraged himself in the Lord”- 1 Samuel 30:6. That was how things turned around; they pursued, overtook and recovered all. What seemed like failure a moment ago soon became a grand success.

Yours too can be a success story if only you will heed to God’s advice to Joshua; be strong, be COURAGEOUS.


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Isaacola AA


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