Ever present even in the darkest recess
Following me through the roughest crevice
Sometimes taller than me
Sometimes bigger than me
Almost always present in my presence
Tilted at an angle as an angel
Always ready to let me know he’s there
Where can I go that you are not there?
How can I escape from your clutch?
Embracing me in a grievous grip
Patiently “afollowing”
Gently in tow without raised brow
Now I know, you are here to stay
My humble shadow

Always whispering in silent shout
Urging me to follow its path
Avoiding complication of sentiment
Following the path of light
Though living in the shadow
Constantly guiding me on the noble road
The route my fleshy self will avoid
‘cause its fraught with difficulty
But the inner voice prevail
In urging to take the honourable
And the noble path, leading to
A shadow-less brightness

Here I am, wondering who to obey
In choosing the path of life
The less difficult or the difficult
But the silent shout of the shadow
With its listless jaw muttering
The path of less difficulty is death
Deadly so because it has no future
Glimmering now but leading to gloom
Juicy now but embedded with doom
Should I bear my cross in my youth?
Bending to the inner voice of reason
Bearing my yoke whilst its day
Before the lengthening shadow
Of gray hair come

Ah I will, follow the voice of the shimmering shadow
Glowing with eternal boom void of doom
Bending my back now
Never to bend my knee in old age
Oh the precious shadow
Speaking with clarity from within
To you I will listen
As you guide me through the path
Of life and joy unlimited
With brevity of sorrow
But joy everlasting
Oh the joy of embracing the voice
Shadowy but without darkness

Isaacola AA

2 thoughts on “Shadow

  1. Nice subject matter. But, em, I wld have loved this more if the approach were some kind of incantation, prayer, or something close to these; and if there were a speaking voice instead of a descriptive one (you know, the idea of “speaking to” something instead of speaking about it.) But this is good, too. Love it.


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