Luis the cannibal

The world cup in Brazil is frost with so many intrigues ranging from officiating that is at best questionable to almost practical elimination of the defending champion after the first match. Most European footballing giants tipped to win the competition were eliminated from the group stage.

The irony of it was that the FIFA ranking was and is being ridiculed to say the least. Just like the UEFA potting system was ridiculed in the last UEFA champion league just concluded.

The gist today is about the greatest news emanating from Brazil… The vampire with its lust for human delicacy has struck again. After a sterling performance from Luis the cannibal the lust for biting finally surfaced. The chicken has finally come home to roost.

Luis the cannibal is one of the finest footballer in the world- there is no doubt about that. He has been mooted to rank next to Christiano and Messi especially for his performance in the just concluded English Premiere League season raking in thirty one goals. His prowess on the field of play cannot however justify his misbehaviour on the field. At Ajax, he was banned for Eight match for biting PSV’s Bakkal, banned at Liverpool for racially abusing Man United’s Evra, banned again for ten match for biting Chelsea’s Ivanovic and now Chiellini at the world cup.

Don’t also forget his unsporting behaviour of turning himself into a goalkeeper to eliminate Ghana in the last world cup.

And now, another medal of biting has been added with Italy’s Chiellini in yesterday match. The difficult aspect is that these biting occur without provocation.

Methinks, FIFA should give the prolific striker who appears to be as deadly with his leg as with his teeth a lengthy ban since he does not appear to be learning from the previous bans. I am sure Real Madrid and Barcelona will think twice if the other details of this “vampiric” cannibal is thoroughly looked at, he appear to be bent on showing his worst behaviour at the highest level.

Isaacola AA

10 thoughts on “Luis the cannibal

  1. You write so well. I never saw it cos I was asleep but Ur brew of d history of dis “vampire” updated me thoroughly.Have u noticed he has protuded teeth(dis I guess is an outcome of many biting escapades in d past,dat were not done on d pitch”.If someone can bite when d whole world is watching,what will he do to a young female graduate who refuses to “allow him to score”(afterall, he likes to score goals and is ready to bite whoever stands in his way).A racist, a cheat,a desperado(who stopped a goalbound ball at d last world cup and became a hero)


  2. Luis the cannibal… Lol
    Never liked him…obviously cos I’m a manutd supporter but he gained a little bit of my respect after his performance last season.

    Yesterday’s biting episode however has destroyed any form of respect I have for him… How can a grown man bite another man??!! Its alarming… Sad really.

    I hope he gets a lengthy ban. He deserves it.


    1. After the last world cup, he entered my black book of record but last session performance erase a bit of the unlikeliness but now…..

      He deserve a very lengthy ban


  3. The guy’s just violent. Read it up. There’s enough precedent to support that. Kicks, punches, pushes, racial slurs…abeg, he should be taken off the field where other humans play. He should wait for Vampire Cup. p(-_-)


  4. Its just a shame Luis Suarez for all his talent keeps cocking up. He’ll surely be remembered as a very good footballer whose behaviour and attitude slowed down his march to greatness.
    He seems not to ever do himself no favours. Wins himself some love and then screws it all up. Sad fact is just that history won’t ever be kind to him because of his indiscipline.
    Big ups boss


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