Sgt Sanda 2

police cartoon

Episode 1 here

Seething from the humiliation meted on him on his way to work last week Monday, Sergeant Sanda is a walking volatile volcano waiting for the slightest provocation to erupt in destructive sulfurous magma.

He took three days sick leave from the office to tend his bruises and aching body but the most damaging part of him is not the ache nor the physical bruises but the emotional ache and psychological bruise that is threatening to consume him.

He was wearing a perpetual scowl with a bloodshot eyes aggressively roaming in its sockets. A dark “Abacha like goggles” to hide the redness of his eyes occasioned by the beating and excessive alcohol consumption. He deck a dark flowery flannel shirt to cover his uniform as he prepare for another day of hustle and bustle in the blessed land of Lagos.

As he steps out of his rundown street in the wee hours of the morning, he heard the shout of ole (thief)!
Ole (thief)!!
Ole (thief)!!!

His training as a law enforce kicked in bye passing his alcoholic haze. Military mode activated. muscles taunt in anticipation of exertion.

He duck at the side of a fence when the notice a man in black Tee shirt and dark shorts was moving towards him looking backward every now and then.

Sgt Sanda had the advantage of surprise and stealth which he planned to use to the maximum.

He spring from the corner, catching the runner unaware and causing him a moment hesitation which the Sgt utilizes immediately.

This is the opportunity to revenge his mauling by the Major, the volcanic magma finally erupted, finding expression in anger from the past week humiliation fuelling it, two teeth flew off the man’s mouth, his upper lips were broken and his left eyes were closing up due to excessive swelling within a twinkle of an eye. In fact, the man look like he was run down by a trailer.

He finally find his voice after much struggling and gesticulating furiously, shouting in a week voice to the gathered crowd, “I am not a thief” please don’t kill me he muttered.

Who are you if you are not a thief? Shouted one of the people gathered.
The other shouted too demanding where he is coming from cladded in shorts and a tee shirt without shoe?

I em..
I was… The strange man stuttered.

By now, the brawny but un-brainy Sgt remembered he is a police officer and demanded to take the accused thief to the nearest police station but the crowd were already cheering the God-sent officer for apprehending the accused thief.

I went to sleep with my neighbours wife and her husband that went for night duty came early… The accused man speaks barely above the din of the crowd.

The silence after the revelation was electric. A pin drop in the crowd would have been louder than the ocean waves.

All the eyes focused on the Sgt accusingly….

Isaacola AA

12 thoughts on “Sgt Sanda 2

  1. How does he keep getting on the wrong side? Sadly, this is what happens especially on the police force today; they attack first and question later – or never


  2. What if…let’s leave it at that.
    So the loiterer waka go become Sergeant’s revenge material.
    But again, what if the neighbour’s wife is …never mind.


    1. Deris God oo boSs, let’s assume the ifs are ??? And deris no real neighbour’s wife? Who wears a dark Tee shirt and black boxers in the night?
      Snake has hands inside ooo, deris God. These ifs you are sharing!!!


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