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7 laws of breakthrough (5)

It’s my joy again to be with you this week. Remember where we stopped- law number 4-TIME. We are still looking at the statement of uncle Solomon- Ecclesiastes 9:11 “…but time and chance happeneth to them all”. It’s time now to talk about the fifth law of breakthrough – CHANCE.

One synonym of the word chance is opportunity; it means a combination of favourable circumstances and situations. Show me a successful man and I will show you a man who has made the most of his chances in life.

We all are waiting for that “right” situation or circumstance; one we can take advantage of and mount up. Job said “If a man die, shall he live again? all the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come.” –Job 14:14.

The question now is how are you waiting? Are you waiting or wasting?

I remember the story of the man at the pool of Bethesda (John chapter 5) whom the scripture tells us was there for 38 years waiting for the moving of the water. Remember the story? You know what I think? That man wasted those 38 years, I don’t believe God wanted him to stay that long, that man waited for his opportunity but he waited wrongly. It does not only matter what you do, it matters how you do it. I am not sure the pool of Bethesda is still there in Jerusalem, but I’m sure it’s in our different lives. If there is a breakthrough you have been long awaiting, why not put yourself to check, are you waiting right?

Opportunities don’t come knocking at people’s door; they pass by on the street. If you want to hit a jackpot, you have to be on the lookout – be sensitive.
The people who have made it and made it big in life are not the ones who have had more chances, they are the ones who have grabbed almost every opportunity that as come their way. Do you know? God will give everybody a chance; we won’t all have equal chances, but be sure you’ll get your fair share of it.

This is where preparation comes to play; it is when opportunity meets preparation that you get a breakthrough. It’s God’s work to bring the opportunity your way, but it’s your work to get prepared for it. Esther chapter 2, the King needed a new queen to replace Vashti, there were quite a number of contestants including our dear sister – Esther. The story goes on to say each one of them was given an opportunity to meet with the King, but they all had to prepare for a whole year. One year preparation for a one day event! That’s the attitude we need to put up. Prepare like you are not going to have another chance, like you are just going to have one and you just can’t afford to miss. To prepare is to rehearse, research, plan and train in advance. If you will ever kill a Goliath in your life, prepare by killing a bear and a lion, prepare by learning out to use the sling. Goliath didn’t tell David he was coming, but David was very much prepared for that once in a life time opportunity. How prepared are you?

If you are going to be a word-class speaker, why not set out quality time to read, study and listen to others. If you are going to be a business mogul, which businesses are you under studying? Joseph prepared 13 years to get a chance before pharaoh, David prepared 13 years to sit on the throne, John the Baptist prepared (Luke 1:80), Jesus prepared 30 years for a three and half year ministry, what about you? The Boy Scout knows that to make a big camp fire, you must first fetch the wood. Little wonder their motto says BE PREPARED!

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