Hello folks, its been a while but thanks for being there always. Thanks to Pastor Feyi Adesanya for taking charge of the Saturday’s faith series. We equally appreciate all our other esteemed guest writer for their contributions.

As humans, we are wired to complain when things are not going the way we wanted it to be. We complain about this and that, take so many things for granted and carry entitlement mentality with a chip on our shoulder.

Some thing happened recently and I begin to see things in a different light.

The good book says “those the wall of Siloam fell on, they were not the most sinful people in Israel”. Meaning sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Looking at it in our modern day Nigeria, those Chibok girls as they are being called are not the most sinful people in Nigeria! The people blown apart by bombs here and there aren’t the most wicked too.

We complain about bad network when some people don’t even have a phone, complain about ill fitting shoe when some people are footless, we complain about bad school environment when some people will take lectures under the tree with glee, we complain about low paying job and how we are being ill treated when some graduates are happy to do a casual work for just five hundred naira per day to keep body and soul together!

I was walking around whiling away time thinking about the little cash available for my family to spend after removing all the necessary deduction for the month when I come across a family (actually a widow with two children) that was about to be evicted from their one-room apartment for owing six months rent.

As if that was not enough, there was nothing for the family to eat and the living condition in the two thousand naira room apartment drove me to tears.

I was disturbed and walked out of the area feeling helpless even after doing my best to improve their condition. I began to see more reason to be grateful after my face-to-face encounter with stark poverty.

I crossed the road with a heavy heart and immediately I was met with a mad woman who sat down with an opened note book. She was busy writing what I could not decipher but from the little I saw, her handwriting is the type that would make one to favourably consider the owner for whatever is needed-job, marks or …

I looked and was surprised at her seriousness and the beauty of her writing. It struck me that she would likely to be a graduate or at least lettered to a reasonable extent.

I am not better than those people bombed to thy kingdom come; I am not better than that widowed woman; nothing makes me better than the female lunatic nor are my children better than the Chibok girls or any of the kidnapped or killed children in the north.

It is just God that has kept and is keeping me. I therefore have a million and one reasons to be grateful.

Friends, I am sure if you also think of what you have and what you don’t, and put them all into perspective, you will have at least one reason to be grateful. Won’t you?

Isaacola AA

18 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Feeling very grateful! In fact I’m so so GRATEFUL Lord, thank U for d gift of life, thank U for d Clothes on my Back, d food on my table, Ur All Sufficient Grace, thank U LORD for EVERYTHING…thanks a lot for sharing…


  2. Life is not all about much concern or worry about what we don’t have but to always give thanks to God.let’s keep thanking God in our present situations while going to where we desired.


  3. “take so many things for granted and carry entitlement mentality with a chip on our shoulder” deep lines, true words.
    here is saying thank you Lord!


  4. You just succeeded in reminding some of us that life is more than what we actually consider it to be. Even though it is not entirely wrong to always aspire for success and the good things of life, we should be thankful for those seemingly little things we unconsciously take for granted. God bless you!


  5. Thank God for He daily load us with benefits. I’m really grateful for the gift of life and His goodness, even though at times things don’t seem like what we desire but He’s been so good to us.


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