How to meet the President @FeyiAdesanya

If you are reading this write-up, it’s because you have fallen into my trap. Sorry to disappoint you I don’t have his number (even if I do, why should I give you) but may I ask why you want to meet his Excellency. Whatever your answer is, like I said I don’t have his number but I believe I can help you with a few tips on how to meet the top shots of the society- the president inclusive. There are a few tips that have been discovered can make the who-is-who of the society begin to look for you instead of you looking for them. If you use this tips well enough who knows, one day you will meet the president himself.

I have for you two proverbs of Solomon, the first of which is the one that says “do you see a man diligent and skillful in his business, he will stand before kings and not obscure men”- Proverbs 22:29NIV. Remember that the author of this proverb was himself a president of a nation and so he was actually revealing the very qualities a president is on the lookout for- diligence and skillfulness. Whatever you are doing, make up your mind to be diligent and skillful at it; do it so well that you come behind no one. Let it be that the first name that comes to mind as far as your job is concerned is yours. Today if you mention gulf playing one name comes to mind- Tiger woods, if you say software, the name Bill Gates pops up, even among preachers some names just sound nice to the ears. These men have heeded to the words of Ecclesiastes 9:10; whatever your hands find to do, do it with all thy might. And by so doing they have been able to meet men their peers could only dream of.

Another tip which is quite similar to the first is the use of your gifting or talent. As Proverb 18:16 states; a man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men. A gift in this regard is not necessarily a present but something you can offer. If you have something of worth to offer your generation you will most definitely become relevant. You never appreciate an eraser until your pencil makes a mistake; your ability to proffer solution to a problem earns you a place among the kings. The question again is what can you offer? Fortunately God has wired everyone in such a way that you have giftings buried inside of you but unfortunately, many die without discovering this. My charge to you today is look inwards, what can you offer? The answer to this question might be music, art, politics, sports…e.t.c but if you succeed in answering this question and you add diligence and skillfulness to it, you will be shocked who will call you up someday.

President, The Teacher Ministries

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Isaacola AA

6 thoughts on “How to meet the President @FeyiAdesanya

  1. Hmm… Oro nla… And to think I thought I was coming to get the President’s contact.. -____-

    Thanks for the advice though… Worth more than a number in every right…


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