It is over a hundred days that the Chibok girls have disappeared into thin air (sorry Sambisa forest, or wherever it is) and our security forces are doing all they can though we are not privy to their concerted effort to release the girls alive.

So my mind raised some questions. I am not ranting today about government swiftness or slowness in responding to the ‘girlnapping’ but some issues beg for answers.

These girls must have observe(d) at least three menstrual cycles, were there provision for their sanitary needs and toiletries?

What provision has our government made for these girls in the aftermath of their release? This I ask because I am very sure, the girls if and when returned back will never be the same again- mentally, emotionally, religiously and even politically.

Are we sure the #Bringbackourgirls has not metamorphosed into #Bringbackourwomen? Are we sure they are still the innocent girls kidnapped over a hundred days ago?

Do we have structures in place to take care of them and re-integrate them into the system if and when returned?

Are there measures put in place to forestall such occurrence in the nearest future? With the rise of teenage female suicide bombers now, do we have any stratagem of mopping the streets of the over ten million children out of school to stop them from being recruited by the evil ones to carry out their nefarious and dastardly act?

These and many more questions do we ask as we look for answer and way forward for this our tottering giant of a nation with a wobbly feet. We all need to rise up to rouse this giant to the envy of nation that it is supposed to be. This is our beloved father land and we are primarily the people to build her up and make her great again.

The issue of insecurity now is beyond one billion security vote or the unimaginable humongous amount voted for Defence and Security in the budget. It involves you and I rolling up our sleeves and bending our back to work to make our beloved fatherland a great nation again. Take up the challenge, do your bit as I do my bit in making this great nation great again
I believe Nigeria will conquer our conquerors and a great nation will emerge from our ashes of insecurity.

Isaacola AA


8 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. The fact that those who should take responsibility are shirking same and buck passing is very discouraging. We should however take it upon ourselves as individuals to contribute in our little ways. These individual efforts will definitely bear fruits in a collective manner.
    God bless Nigeria


  2. I believe God has great plans 4 dis country. We shouldn’t giv up hope. There is nothing PRAYER cannot change.


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